What is the role of plastic floor cleaning and maintenance of plastic floor knowledge

Plastic flooring has two shapes, one is a block, the other is a roll. According to its hardness can be divided into hard, semi-rigid, soft can also be divided into single-layer board. Double and triple boards, and have a variety of forms of printing. So what's the role of plastic floor? How to clean and maintain the plastic floor? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

The role of plastic flooring

Plastic flooring is generally used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, shopping malls, restaurants, and other public places and individual homes. With wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low water absorption and insulation, flame retardant, good slip resistance. Colorful colors, elasticity, and comfort are the reasons why plastic flooring is favored by users.

Plastic floor cleaning and maintenance knowledge

1. In order to reduce the wear of the sand on the floor, foot pads can be laid at the entrance and cleaned in time.

2. When transporting furniture and equipment, cushioning pads are required to be laid on the transportation route and cannot be dragged directly on the floor.

3. Place cushions between the feet of the furniture and equipment and the floor. The cushion size is slightly larger than the base size.

4, in order to prevent scratching the ground, do not wear shoes with nails walking on the ground, if conditions permit, replace the soft-soled shoes as much as possible.

5, usually pay attention to avoid hard or sharp appliances, fall on the floor, to avoid damage to the floor.

6. Adhesive chewing gum stains on the floor can be frozen in ice in a plastic bag, then placed on the chewing gum to cool and harden, and then scraped off with care.

7, plastic floor, can not be in direct contact with heat, can not be placed on the floor above 60 °C high temperature items, such as electric kettles. Any cigarette butt that is thrown away will leave burn marks on the floor if it is not completely extinguished.

8, when the plastic floor cleaning, should use a mild neutral detergent, warm water, do not use strong acid or alkali cleaning the floor. The use of organic solvents for floor treatment requires careful attention.

9. In order to reduce the wear of the plastic floor surface, prolong the service life of the floor, and keep the floor clean and beautiful, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned, waxed and maintained on a regular basis. Usually 1-2 months.

The above is the function of the plastic floor introduced by Xiao Bian and the cleaning and maintenance of the plastic floor. If the floor is not thoroughly cleaned, the dirt will be covered during maintenance, affecting the appearance, and it will also cause difficulties in daily cleaning and maintenance. I hope to help you. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention This site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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