What are the principles, schematics and related instructions of the vacuum fan cooling system?

What are the principles, schematics and related instructions of the vacuum fan cooling system?
What are the principles, schematics and related instructions of the vacuum fan cooling system?

First, the principle of cooling curtain ventilation system for water curtain negative pressure fan

The water curtain wall cooling system, the principle of water evaporation and heat absorption, and the ventilation principle of the negative pressure fan are used to discharge the exhaust gas, the sewage and the high temperature and sultry heat in the factory.

After installation, it can very effectively improve the high temperature and sultry environment of the plant, so that the temperature inside the plant (high temperature environment of 32~45 degrees Celsius) can be quickly lowered within 10 minutes, and the temperature is kept at 26~30 degrees Celsius. A comfortable working environment can improve employee productivity and maintain high quality products.

Second, the water curtain material description:

This product is a special paper honeycomb structure material with wave heights of 5mm and 7mm, and corrugated 450x450 interlaced. Adopting a new generation of polymer materials and space cross-linking technology, it has high water absorption, high water resistance, mildew and long service life.

The evaporation of this product is larger than the surface, and the cooling efficiency is over 80%. This product does not contain surfactants, naturally absorbs water, has a fast diffusion rate and lasts for a long time. A drop of water can be diffused in 4~5 seconds, and it far exceeds the domestic industry performance indicators. The natural water absorption height is 60mm~70mm/min; when it is 200mm1.5, it fully meets the international industry standard.

This product does not contain chemicals such as phenol which are allergic to skin and stomach. It is non-toxic and odorless when installed and used, safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, economical and applicable.

Third, the scope of application:

The water curtain negative pressure cooling ventilation system has been widely used in many industries. The most commonly used industry is the textile industry. The garment industry can effectively remove the batt and dust in the air due to the ventilation system. In contrast, the skin itching caused by the adhesion of cotton wool has been completely improved; in addition, food, tea, steel, iron, animal husbandry, flower greenhouse, rubber factory, plastic factory, automobile factory and other industries have gradually used It is foreseeable that the water curtain type negative pressure ventilation system will become the mainstream of tomorrow's ventilation system.

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