What are the advantages of steel doors aluminum doors and steel doors which is good

The steel doors used in the past are very simple in structure design. However, with the continuous progress of our time, today's plastic steel doors have been improved in terms of technology, and have gradually become popular in various countries, becoming a modern kitchen decoration. New favorite. The reason why plastic steel doors become the new darling of modern kitchen decoration is inseparable from its advantages. Then we come to understand what advantages plastic steel doors , as well as aluminum doors and steel doors which good related content.

What are the advantages of steel doors?

1. Nowadays, the functional characteristics of plastic steel doors have a lot, such as its sound insulation is very good, because the plastic steel doors use a unique grid-like or grid-like internal design. To minimize the noise and cut off the noise, the effect is better than the wooden doors and aluminum alloy doors. No matter whether it is cooking sound or the sound of the living room TV, it will not constitute noise, disturbing the quietness of other rooms. Plastic steel doors also have strong fire protection and anti-corrosion capabilities. They are self-extinguishing and flame-retardant in case of fire. Because of their unique manufacturing process, steel doors are not affected by substances such as alkalis, salts, and acids. Any environment.

2. The advantage of steel doors on the one hand is that they have very good environmental effects. Generally, the wood doors used in our homes basically pass the paint processing. The paints are rich in substances that are harmful to the human body. The paint on the wooden doors is serious. Affects the health of the residential population. Therefore, plastic steel doors and wooden doors are different. Plastic steel doors are non-toxic and have no other toxic substances. They are in line with the requirements of environmental protection and are a new generation of new environmental protection products.

Aluminum alloy door and steel door which is good

1. In general, plastic steel doors are more prone to deformation than aluminum alloy doors because plastic steel doors deform when they encounter heat. However, when it is cold, it tends to become brittle, so its thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon is more obvious. Aluminum alloy doors have the advantages of high temperature resistance, low cold resistance, and not easy deformation. The steel door is made of PVC. Under the effect of ultraviolet rays, the macromolecule chain is easily broken, and the aging problem of the surface of the material is tarnished, thereby deteriorating its performance. The aluminum alloy has a good anti-aging function, aluminum is a good conductor, as long as the external construction can ensure effective grounding measures, can completely avoid lightning and anti-static.

2, PVC steel doors and aluminum alloy doors, they will be relatively low in terms of flammability, so the performance of fire prevention will be more obvious, plastic doors will be deformed when exposed to heat, compared to the aluminum alloy door a little less. The sealing performance of both is basically on the same starting line, and the classic resistance that survived is tested and the sound insulation performance is good. The single-frame shading area of ​​the steel door frame is 10% larger than that of the aluminum alloy door, and the field of vision is relatively poor, which is not conducive to environmental protection and energy conservation.

3, the two different doors in the heat transfer coefficient comparison, the general situation is between 1.45:1.37, then in terms of insulation, the aluminum alloy door is not as good as steel doors, so now many families have a balcony Like decorative plastic steel doors. The components of the plastic steel door are welded together and the airtightness is higher. However, the precision of the aluminum alloy door is high, and the two have their advantages. The PVC material of the steel door dictates its strength and rigidity compared to the aluminum alloy door, although the addition of the steel door just adds to the durability. However, the pressure resistance and watertightness are still inferior to those of aluminum alloy doors. In high-rise buildings, steel doors are used with caution to avoid potential personal safety accidents and economic and property losses.

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