Warm floor welcomes new business opportunities

The building materials industry is undergoing rapid changes. The acceleration of changes in market structure and the fiercer market competition. The original floor product system can no longer fully meet the market demand. How to develop innovative breakthrough bottlenecks has become the biggest problem facing the development of the wood flooring industry.

New demands for floor heating gradually escalating. Ten years ago, when the wooden floor industry came to a sudden rise, wooden flooring and ceramic tiles began a battle for surface decoration materials. The wooden floor industry won a great victory and captured the majority of home improvement floor materials.

In the past two years, the new type of floor heating has made floor companies that have already had an advantage.

Many consumers who use floor heating have expressed preference for tiles when choosing ground products.

In addition to the endless innovation in the ceramic tile industry in recent years, and the large number of cultural brands, some potential issues in wood flooring itself, such as environmental issues, susceptibility to deformation, and slow heat conduction, have discouraged consumers from buying.

In the face of this market situation, this is actually a misunderstanding of wood flooring. The use of floor heating and paving wood floors does not conflict, and warm floor-paving wood floors can also receive good heating results. As long as qualified products are selected, consumers do not need to worry too much about environmental protection. Moreover, wood floor tiles have more advantages than tiles and are easier to repair.

Wooden floor leading companies have an obligation and need to change the inherent impression of this consumer.

It is understood that in the future most of the real estate development of new real estate will be used to heating heating methods, if you do not change the inherent impression of the wooden floor in the minds of consumers, it will be possible to change the current pattern of floor decoration material has been formed.

Still taking the low carbon environmental protection route Wood flooring has developed relatively well in the environmental protection field. Substandard products in environmental protection, such as "five-inferior boards", have long been eliminated in fierce market competition, but with the market further With development, people have completely changed their requirements for environmental protection.

For wood flooring companies, a “green environmental protection industry chain” should be formed to check all aspects from raw materials to production, including planting and harvesting of secondary forests, floor production and transportation, and so on.

From the original concern about whether the board is environmentally friendly and the content of formaldehyde is changed to more attention to whether the flooring is really environmentally friendly and low-carbon in every link from production to circulation.

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