Various emerging industry revitalization plans will be synchronized

Abstract It is learned from the authority of the National Energy Administration that the new energy industry is not necessarily the first area to be launched in the Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan. “The new energy industry started earlier than other industries, but the country is strategically emerging...

According to the authority of the National Energy Administration, the new energy industry is not necessarily the first area to be launched in the Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan.

“The new energy industry started earlier than other industries, but the country has an overall coordinated consideration of the planning of strategic emerging industries.” The source said “not that the most mature areas of development will be launched first, maybe this Planning in several areas will be launched simultaneously."

Two weeks ago, some media support led the relevant people of the reform committee to disclose that the "New Energy Plan" is likely to become the first single revitalization plan in the emerging industry revitalization plan. However, this statement by the authority has once again increased the uncertainty of the progress of the national investment strategy, the “Emerging Industry Development Plan”.

Lin Boqiang, director of the China Center for Energy Economics Research at Xiamen University, believes that since the country will officially introduce the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” in the near future, the single industry promotion plan that was previously discussed by the media has been introduced and it seems to have been at this point in time. It seems that it is not so important. “The government will definitely include the important directions and ways of new energy development in the future. Therefore, the introduction of new energy plans may not be so urgent now.” Lin Boqiang said, “Of course, other than new energy sources. The planning content of emerging industries will also be reflected in the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan'."

As the most important carbon dioxide emitter in developing countries, China publicly announced its emission reduction targets at the end of November last year: China’s carbon intensity (ie, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per unit of GDP) will fall by 40 compared with 2005 by 2020. % to 45%. Lin Boqiang pointed out that the country has set the tone, and the development of clean energy must be an important policy content of the government, but the biggest problem facing the development of new energy is the cost issue. “Clean energy costs are high, and government subsidies alone are not enough. The government needs to reform the relevant prices.”

Lin Boqiang said that the emerging industry planning is a long-term plan, and the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is a relatively short-term plan. The long-term planning of emerging industries including new energy must be matched with the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan".

A number of researchers from the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission also told reporters that the emerging industry revitalization planning meeting was reflected in the 12th Five-Year Plan.

Some experts interviewed believe that the interrelationship between technologies also makes the development of emerging industries linkage.

Niu Xiaoming, president of the Shanghai Academy of Sciences, said that the country's overall layout of emerging industries is not inconsistent with the introduction of specific industrial revitalization plans. The difference in time will not have much impact on the industry.

Niu Xiaoming used the example of new energy to say that “the new energy industry is widely optimistic. In addition to its relatively mature development, it is also largely due to the needs of the country’s medium and long-term development. In the next 15 to 20 years, China The development also requires a large amount of energy support. In the current coal-based energy structure, new energy development, especially the development of new energy with independent intellectual property rights, has become a trend, but there are still many gaps in related fields such as supporting facilities. ”

"In all emerging industries, there are inextricably linked relationships among many fields. The new energy industry also involves the development of information technology," said Niu Xiaoming. "The introduction of "Planning" will accelerate the guidance of the corresponding industries, but Even if there is no complete government policy, the technology research and development of various industries will continue."

Zhou Heliang, vice chairman of the Asian Electric Vehicle Association, said that the country must work hard on industrial automation to achieve the revitalization of strategic emerging industries. "Our open innovation capability is weak, industrial automation is lagging behind international standards, and there are no well-known brands like ABB, Siemens, and GE. Companies, and new materials and electric vehicles and other listed emerging industries must make breakthroughs in technological innovation in industrial automation."

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