Use SolidWorks to open a sample of the gold show

The blanking and production of sheet metal parts are not open, and the correct open sample can not only ensure the accuracy of the parts, but also improve production efficiency, save materials and reduce costs. The traditional exhibition open sample method mainly includes graphic method and calculation method, which is suitable for the traditional manual cutting process and relies on the skilled experience of the lofting workers, but the efficiency is low and the precision is poor. SolidWorks software is the world's first 3D CAD system based on Windows development. It has powerful sheet metal design features and is easy to learn and use.

I. Exhibition design of double cone hopper

Figure 1 shows a double-cone hopper in the lower part of a silo. The production is divided into left and right halves. After the steel plate is staked, the roll is rolled or the machine is bent and formed, and then the two halves are formed. Butt welding. The design and development process is as follows.

Sheet metal modeling

(1) Sketching

Start the SolidWorks software , and establish the upper and lower mouths of the double-cone hopper according to the requirements of the silo. As shown in Figure 2, make the single-line non-closed circle according to the upper and lower inner diameters, and the opening width is greater than zero to the welding bevel. The gap (0.5mm in this case), and the opening must be on the same line, the thickness of the hopper is specified when the entity is built, and the upper and lower mouths are two sketches on different reference planes.

(2) Entity modeling

In the SolidWorks menu, choose Insert → Sheet Metal → Stakeout Bend, select the upper and lower sketches in the Outline option bar at the top left of the Stakeout Bend interface, and enter in the Thickness option bar below it. The hopper thickness value, click the "OK" button to generate the inclined cone hopper entity as shown in Figure 3.

(3) Establishing the joint surface of the two inclined cone hopper cones (cutting surface)

According to the silo, the cutting line of the left and right cones on the upper and lower cones of the hopper is shown in Figure 4. The cone is cut (stretched and cut) by the cutting line, and as shown in Fig. 5, the irrelevant portion is cut. The cone body is obtained as shown in Fig. 6.

(4) Mirroring

The hopper body model of Fig. 1 is obtained by mirroring the cone body of Fig. 6 according to the section plane.

See the attachment for more details:

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