Two ways to connect aluminum square keel

How to connect the aluminum square keel? To make a brief introduction, the aluminum square keel is basically three meters. Many customers need to be docked together during installation to increase their firmness. There are two main types of aluminum square card keel connections.

The first is to use inline. Like the aluminum square pass, the keel can also be inscribed. Cut the keel into 10 cm, then put it on the two ports of the keel and snap it, so that's it. A major disadvantage of this in-line connection is that it causes the keel to be uneven.

The second is to use an external connection. The link method is the same as that of the aluminum square. The keel is cut into 10 cm, and the cut keel is placed outside the two keels. This way, the link can guarantee the level of the keel.

There are other ways to link, such as welding, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

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