True wearable technology: Korean company develops fabric OLED display technology

True wearable technology: Korean company develops fabric OLED display technology

With the development of wearable technology, more and more wearable devices capable of synchronizing the notification of mobile phones have come out. However, the forms have not escaped certain limitations and are not flexible enough. Korea Kolon Group KOLON Glotech Co., Ltd. and Korea Institute of Technology have developed a display technology that can integrate OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) on the fabric. After the application of this technology, we can directly see various information displays on the clothes. Wearable technology.

Under the leadership of Prof. Chi Kyung-chul, the R&D team successfully integrated OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays on textile substrates. At this stage, the R&D team must begin to produce a fabric that meets the requirements. Fabrics using this technology can be made into smart wearable devices such as smart badges, smart belts, and smart sleeves.

The research team solved this problem by flattening the process. They make flat fabrics like glass plates without losing the fabric's flexibility. This planar textile is more flexible than a plastic substrate of the same thickness. On this basis, the team succeeded in forming OLEDs on textiles through a vacuum thermal deposition process. They used the "Multi-layer thin film encapsulation technology" to prevent the penetration of moisture and oxygen into the OLED. Studies have found that textile OLEDs developed in this way have a lifetime of more than 1000 hours and an idle life of more than 3,500 hours.

The research results were published on the cover of "Advanced Electronic Materials" (International Academic Journal of the Nanoelectronic Technology Department) on November 16th.

In order to complete the research and development of new smart wearable devices, the research team still needs to look for better fabrics. These fabrics must have a smooth, detailed surface with good ventilation and heat dissipation. And although the cloth will have a built-in display screen, it must not affect its soft, comfortable features.

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