Traidic Scouring Enzyme Textile Auxiliary Rg-420

  • Model NO.: RG-420
  • Color: White
  • Application: Dyeing and Printing Auxiliary
  • Apeo: Free
  • Transport Package: 150kgs / Exporting Standard Plastic Drum
  • Origin: Weifang, China
  • Environmental Protection: Yes
  • Kind: Pretreatment Auxiliary
  • Environmental: Environmental Friendly
  • Trademark: RG
  • Specification: Without APEO and other harmful substances, it is e
Product name Ionicity Appearance Performance and main applications
Traidic scouring enzyme RG-420 Anion/ non-ionic White particle 1.This product could serve as bath refining bleaching additive for cotton, linen and their blended fabrics, with excellent.
 stability and refining effect of hydrogen peroxide, to achieve excellent whiteness and capillary effect. 
2. It is easy to operate in application.
3. It can effectively prevent the decreasing of linen fabric strength.
4. It shows excellent degreasing capacity. 
5. Without APEO and other harmful substances, it is environment friendly.

Product application:     
Scouring enzyme RG-420 is one bath scouring and bleaching agent of cotton, linen and their blend fabrics. It can stabilize the hydrogen peroxide and have a excellent result , can simplify bleaching process, easy to operate.
When applied in fibre and its blended fabrics, can obtain more higher whiteness than regular process, excellent scouring and bleaching effect. Due to don't use caustic soda, can prevent linen fabric strength declined effectively.
Degreasing power of Scouring enzyme RG-420 is excellent, can remove the oiling agent , knitting oil, coning oil and so on, if choose the direct dye resistance to hydrogen peroxide, can proceed one bath scouring and bleaching dye (light color), benefit to process rationalization.
Physical and chemical index:     
Appearance:  White granule
Solubility:  Soluble in warm water (40ºC-60ºC would be best)
 When substitute for the caustic soda process, the original hydrogen peroxide  dosage is invariable, use 2-4g/L     of sourcing enzyme RG-420 replace directly (dip dyeing).
 This product is free from harmful substances such as APEO, is environment protection products. 

Application method: 
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Traidic Scouring Enzyme Textile Auxiliary Rg-420Traidic Scouring Enzyme Textile Auxiliary Rg-420Traidic Scouring Enzyme Textile Auxiliary Rg-420

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