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The use of PLC in spherical bearing outer raceway superfinishing machine

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-08-13

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1 Introduction In the past, the deep groove spherical inner-coating fine grinding machine was controlled by relays; the control was somewhat bulky; the response time was long; and the reliability was not high; the problems often occurred; the grinding machine used to grind the workpiece was single; some grinders could only enter Rough grinding; some grinding machines can only be finely ground. Finish the processing of a workpiece; first rough grinding in the rough grinding machine; then send it to the grinding mill for fine grinding. According to this situation; we can choose to edit The program controller has technically modified its control circuit; the functions of the two grinding machines are collected on one grinding machine; that is, the rough grinding and the fine grinding are completed once. This can not only reduce the handling volume, but also enhance the reliability of the system. And improve the utilization rate of the system; reduce the cost; achieved a good role in practice; on the transformation of industrial enterprises related to the machine tool has a higher use and reference value.
2 The depiction of the control system is based on the requirements of the workpiece processing technology; the control system sets the manual, active, rough grinding and punctuality plans.
1. Manual/active conversion; when the change switch is turned to the manual condition; the active does not work; the system completes the various processes through different manual control buttons on the operation panel, and the similar change switch is turned to the active condition; press the start signal The PLC works according to the pre-drawn program that meets the process requirements.
2. During the rough grinding: the pressure of the oil stone is relatively large; the spindle works at a low speed, during the fine grinding: the pressure of the oil stone is more fashionable.
3. The 8421BCD code data dial is used to control the coarse grinding and punctuality; the workpiece machining time can select different grinding moments according to the process requirements; thus no need to draw the digital input display circuit; effectively save the PLC input point; simplify The hardware circuit.
3 The hardware rendering control system of the control system uses the F1-60MR programmable controller produced by Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan; its hardware block diagram is shown in Figure 1.
It can be seen from the hardware block diagram; the system can be completed as follows:
(1) Spindle low-speed active conversion.
(2) The workpiece holder takes the initiative to advance and retreat.
(3) Active transformation of high and low frequency vibration of oilstone.
(4) Rough grinding and fine grinding.
(5) The workpiece is charged and demagnetized.
4 The software rendering software layout of the control system is drawn according to the control requirements; the first is divided into four modules: manual module; rough grinding single cycle module; fine grinding single cycle module; cycle start (first rough grinding and fine grinding) module; There are more journey diagrams for the entire software layout; here only the main program flow chart is shown in Figure 2.
And the flow chart of the cycle is shown in Figure 3 (manual, rough grinding single cycle, fine grinding single cycle flow chart omitted).
5 Concluding remarks After the PLC control technology transformation of the spherical bearing outer raceway super-precision machine; the control circuit volume is greatly reduced. The swarf 浼痰缙骱 浼痰缙骱 浼痰缙鞔サ憬哟ゲ涣 浼痰缙鞔サ憬哟ゲ涣 浼痰缙鞔サ憬哟ゲ涣 鸬 鸬 鸬 鸬 鸬 鸬 . . . .. Increased production power; reduced labor intensity of workers; achieved significant economic benefits.
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