The Sixth China Central Machinery Organization organized the tenth employee representative conference

Summary March 2 morning, the sixth of Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute of the Tenth Congress of the fifth meeting of workers-cum-union members of the Eleventh Congress of the fifth meeting was held in a large conference room on the sixth floor of new building The meeting was chaired by Meng Qingli, secretary of the company's party committee. The company officially...
On the morning of March 2, the fifth meeting of the Tenth Workers' Congress of the Machinery Industry Sixth Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the fifth meeting of the Eleventh Trade Union Member Congress was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the new office building. The meeting was chaired by Meng Qingli, secretary of the company's party committee. The company's official employee representatives and more than 200 employees attended the meeting.
This career congress was kicked off in the majestic national anthem. Mao Weidong, deputy general manager of the company (presided over the work) made a 2016 work summary report entitled "Deepening Reform, Transformation and Upgrading, and Maintaining the Company's Sustainable and Healthy Development". The report is from economic indicators, central system operation, market development, innovation leading, management level. The company's new site construction and other seven aspects reviewed the company's main work in 2016, summed up the achievements we have made in the past year, and pointed out the problems in the company's development. The company's chairman, Huang Guobiao, made a 2017 work plan report for the company to maintain its strategic strength and continue to promote transformation and upgrading. The report clarifies the overall thinking and work objectives of the company's work in 2017, and has deployed the main tasks, including strengthening the construction of management platforms, promoting specialized operations, promoting new business market development, strengthening scientific and technological innovation and core technology cultivation and optimization. Six aspects of talent structure and strengthening corporate culture. After that, the conference heard a report from Deputy General Manager Yu Yu on the company's financial budget and final accounts.
From the afternoon of the 2nd to the morning of the 3rd, the employee representative group discussed the company's 2017 work plan, the 2016 work summary, the trade union's 2016 work report, the trade union's 2016 financial revenue and expenditure report, etc., the meeting documents and the 2017 work. The plan put forward constructive comments and suggestions.
On the morning of the 3rd, the meeting of the presidium of the conference listened carefully to the discussion opinions of the representative groups and conducted serious research one by one. In the afternoon, the conference organized the work of “one report and two comments” for leading cadres. Party Secretary Meng Qingli made the “Report on the Selection and Appointment of Leading Cadres of the Company in 2016”, and then organized the representatives of all employees to perform duties and leading cadres of the company’s leading cadres in 2016. The selection and appointment of the work was carried out for democratic review. Chairman Huang Guojun explained the common problems raised by the delegates. Finally, the General Assembly adopted a resolution on the company's 2016 work summary, the 2017 work plan, the company's trade union 2016 work report and the union's 2016 financial revenue and expenditure report.
In the new year, the company is in a critical period of deepening reform, transformation and upgrading, and achieving sustainable development. The conference called on all cadres and employees of the company to take the initiative to meet the challenges, strive for progress, unite as one, and strive to achieve the company's 2017 work goals!
The conference ended successfully after completing various agendas.

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