The secret of paint and paint knowledge allows you to be an environmentally friendly person.

Paint paint is the main material for home painting with the largest area and essential decoration. It does not spend much, but it determines the overall decoration effect of 100%, is a home changeable "clothing." However, in the second and third of this year, the famous foreign brands' coatings suffered a “quality door” that was irritating to the industry and consumers. From this point of view, it is particularly important and urgent to purchase a paint product that is cheap and beautiful, and to uncover the hidden secrets under “clothing.”

Water-based paint PK oil paint

Nowadays, water-based paint is becoming more and more important in the field of home furnishings. The author found in the paint market that many businesses put water-based paint on the shelves in a more prominent position. What is the "noble" water-based paint than oil paint?

According to industry sources, water-based paint has absolute advantages in environmental protection and health. The water-based paint uses water as a diluent; while the oil-based paint uses banana water and thinner as a diluent and adds an organic solvent. The product contains benzene, xylene and other harmful substances.

Water-based paint adopts water instead of organic solvents. Its products are safe and non-flammable, greatly reducing the risk factors and troubles in the production and distribution, and it will not produce any irritating odor when it is painted. Check; but the benzene, xylene, and Tinner contained in the oil paint are all highly flammable items and will volatilize into the air during the brushing and drying process, directly stimulating the human sense organs, so use Houses that are decorated with oil paints are generally not allowed to paint directly after they are painted. They need to wait for a period of isolation.

Although water-based paint is good, there are drawbacks. It is understood that the price of water-based paint should be higher than that of oil paint. In the paint construction process, people in the industry stated that compared with oil paints, there are still gaps in the fullness, hardness, abrasion resistance, and feel of water paints.

Beware of tricky, buy "genuine" paint coatings

The purchase of paints and paints is undoubtedly the "mirror in the water in the mirror," can not see, can not touch, can only be measured across the entire closed packaging, selection. How can we buy high quality, reasonably priced paints?

1. Buy the heaviest package. Lift the bucket of paint and paint, shake it, if there is a crackling sound, indicating a serious shortage of packaging, lack of two, less viscosity, regular factory material, shaking almost no sound.

2. Buy the least consumption. Consultation with merchants about the number of painting passes and area of ​​painting, the amount of calculation and the cost per square meter of material are not deceived by the price of each group (barrel), the unit price is low, and the consumption is particularly large. Wasting, and the quality is poor.

3. Buy professional and supporting strong. Good quality products are often more professional, and provide technical guidance and after-sales service, including pre-sale consulting, construction guidance and advice for sale, after-sales maintenance, etc., and regular manufacturers will provide a model of color.

4. Buy information is complete. There are clear trademarks, origins, contact numbers, net weights, corporate commitment standards, etc. on the packaging of the original paint coating. Moreover, its website can be opened. Unusual paint coatings are often marked with fake addresses, telephones and websites.

In addition, before purchasing paints, first consider what you need, and the most expensive ones are not necessarily useful to you. For example, some houses are sunny, well ventilated, and the mold-proof function does not have to be wasted. In addition, consumers do not want to listen to the one-sided words of the business, but also to let go of their hands and feet to buy domestic goods.

Three errors in the selection of detailed paints and coatings

Misunderstanding 1 crack resistance paint must crack

No matter how old the new house is, the phenomenon of wall cracking is very high. Many people are struggling to choose a good paint to solve the problem of cracking. Once there was a brand-name paint package that was shockingly written "Cracking Resistance". Many consumers think that as long as these paints are used, they can prevent cracking on the walls. In fact, this does not have much effect.

Weapon: A thin layer of paint film can actually prevent the occurrence of wall cracking, which is unlikely.

If the wall is cracked, to solve these problems, it is best to use latex paint to make up, or use cement to make up the cracks, and then paint.

Misunderstanding 2 Overly concerned with the paint brand

Many consumers think that buying paint is good for buying well-known brands. Of course, well-known brands have certain quality guarantees, but they can't blindly pursue brands. In fact, the quality and effectiveness of many ordinary brand products and well-known brand products are not much different, but there is a gap in prices.

Weapons: When selecting paints, you should first understand the quality, reputation, and market conditions of various brands of paints on the Internet or other channels. With the same effect of paint, try to choose a more reasonable price brands.

Misunderstanding 3 material is good to buy more

Many consumers are afraid that they will not buy paint. Therefore, purchasing a large amount at the beginning is actually a mistake. This has caused a waste of materials and has affected the cost of the project.

Weapons: Before construction, we must look at the area of ​​the construction area to estimate the amount of purchased materials. Generally, the purchased materials should be 10%-15% more than the budget. This can reduce the chance of purchasing materials again, and waste can also drop to lowest.

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