The new national standard will implement children's furniture "change the runway" to avoid risks

Recently, the author visited various home furnishing stores in Jinan and found that many children's furniture are being discounted and discounted, with discounts ranging from 40% to 10%. It is understood that the first mandatory standard for children's furniture will be officially implemented on August 1. After the implementation of the standard, many brands of children's furniture will face a crisis of unqualified, so they are seized the opportunity and may be unqualified. The products are sold at a discount. “Because there have been no children's furniture standards before, manufacturers mostly manufacture children's furniture according to the standards of adult furniture.” A staff member of a children's furniture brand told the author. However, children's physique is different from that of adults, and their resistance to formaldehyde is also weak. Therefore, furniture produced according to adult standards once made parents worry. Ms. Sun, who is buying a children's bed at a three-year-old daughter in the store, said: "The most important thing to buy for children is environmental protection. It is to see if there are any corners and there are no safety risks. These are all given to adults. Buying furniture is different, and there are more issues to consider. The lack of children's furniture standards makes parents very cautious when buying furniture for their children. However, on August 1, China's first standard for children's furniture - "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" will be implemented. This standard is applicable to furniture products designed or intended for use by children aged 3-14 years. It is a national mandatory standard. The quality of children's furniture produced or sold (including imported) in China must be implemented and meet the requirements of this standard. The standard includes nine parts including the limit of toxic and hazardous substances and the use of safety warning signs. In addition to the detailed definition of the sharp corners, protruding parts, holes, gap size and stability of children's furniture, the control of toxic and hazardous substances is more There are strict limits over adult furniture. In addition, the new national standard also requires that the cabinet-type closed furniture used by children should have a certain ventilation function, clearly specifying the applicable age range of the product and other required safety warning signs. The author understands that because the new standard is a mandatory standard, many big-name furniture manufacturers will no longer produce children's furniture that meets the old standards from May. Many merchants want to clean up some furniture stocks that meet the old standards before the implementation of the new national standard in August. Off, so the promotion discount is more effective than in previous years. In the East Asian store, a price of 2,999 yuan plate children's bed, after the author bargained, the business is willing to sell at a discount of 30%. A furniture industry practitioner told the author that the children's furniture market is more dynamic, some companies' gross profit margin can be as high as 60%, and the net interest rate can reach 30%, far higher than ordinary furniture products. However, some first-line furniture brands also said that their products have been produced in accordance with European standards, and the requirements are more stringent than the new national standard. Therefore, the implementation of the new national standard has no effect on the price and production of their products.

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