The kitchen decoration design steps make your kitchen become beautiful

The kitchen refers to the room where food can be prepared and cooked. In a good modern kitchen, a variety of cooking utensils are spared, but how can we arrange so many things neatly in a small kitchen? This depends on the wonderful designs of our designers. Next Xiaobian introduced the kitchen decoration design steps.

Kitchen decoration design steps

1. Demolition

If it is an old house reconstruction, it is necessary to first remove the original tiles on the wall and floor, remove the ceiling, remove the original kitchen utensils, lamps, etc.; if the new house wants to change the original kitchen layout, it will first face the task of wall removal.

2, waterways, circuit transformation

Most people are willing to make water pipes and circuits into dark pipes because they are beautiful. Water circuit hidden trouble project, so it must be safe. The cabinet designer provides the reserved socket design in the hydropower reform process (if the integrated cooker needs to design the socket in advance).

3, wall surface plaster leveling

After the floor and wall are removed, the cement leveling wall will be uneven, which will help to waterproof the next step.

4, do waterproof

After the cement is dry, brush the waterproof coating on the surface of the wall and floor 2-3 times and make a 24-hour water test.

5, tiling

The tiling worker must step on the floor after finishing the waterproof treatment. If he steps directly on the waterproof, the waterproof layer may be stepped on to make the waterproofing ineffective. The standard spatio-temporal drum sticking of ceramic tile is not more than 5%, and the gap between the two tile joints is not more than 2mm. (Before tiling, the hood of the hood and the smoke protection pouch).

6, install ceiling, cabinets, lamps

After affixing the wall tiles and floor tiles, it is possible to install ceilings, cabinets, and fixtures on the door of relevant personnel. (Cabinet designed to install the location of the hood, the need to open the hole when the ceiling smoke pipe) Cabinet and hood installation.

Kitchen decoration notice

1, the kitchen floor

The floor of the kitchen should not be neglected. Floor tiles must be made of non-slip material. Because cooking in the kitchen for a long time and washing vegetables are often done on the ground, a lot of water will be stained on the ground. Ignore.

2, kitchen lighting

The lighting of the kitchen consists of two parts, one is the lighting of the kitchen as a whole, and the other is instructions for washing, preparing meals, and operating. The lighting of the kitchen must be white, otherwise it will affect the color judgment, and the light shade of Bibi can't use the spotlight.

3, kitchen circuit

The circuit of the kitchen needs attention, because the kitchen uses water every day for fire, so there must be no open line exposure. Be sure to walk the dark line to prevent fire. No serious consequences can result in significant property damage to the family.

4, cabinets

The position of the cabinet should be marked on the map when it is used as a floor plan. Because the production of the cabinet needs some time, these preparations should be done well in advance to avoid the trouble of the decoration.

5, kitchen ceiling

The ceiling of the kitchen must be installed with a waterproof aluminum buckle plate to prevent the ceiling from getting wet. Try not to crack in the kitchen. The ceiling cabinet is directly connected to the ceiling, and it is easy for the ceiling to gather steam or soot. Ceiling should not be too high, nor too low, too low, easy to dirty, too high to clean.

6, kitchen floor drain and sink

If there are conditions, floor drains or sinks can be controlled on the central floor of the kitchen to clean the floor of the kitchen in the future. Note that the kitchen floor should have a certain slope. There are many materials on the countertop. When choosing a product, you cannot simply look at the price and appearance. You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of various materials and make decisions based on the use. Stainless steel countertops are the most common and are easy to flush. The refractory board is practical, but it has certain limitations in the processing of complex shapes.

Editor's summary: The steps to decorate the kitchen were introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Kitchen decoration design


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