The furniture industry reproduces the fake "foreign devil" Bailan brand Fujian village registration

The "Da Vinci" fraud has not yet passed, and the furniture industry has "fake foreign devils". This time, the protagonist is the American mattress. The Bailan mattress, which is known as the US century-old brand, has been complained of quality problems by consumers. However, under the investigation of the author, it was found that the registration place of “American Bailan” turned out to be the Fujian village, and its US trademark was only in 2005. registered.
"Hundred Years of Brand" also has quality problems. Recently, Ms. Zhou complained that the American Bailan mattress she bought two years ago still has a pungent smell, making it difficult for people to sleep. According to industry insiders, this mattress may have excessive formaldehyde, which will poison the user's nervous system, immune system and liver. Since formaldehyde mainly comes from raw materials such as wood-based panels and adhesives, enterprises may not have strict control over the purchase of raw materials, or reduce costs, do not have the necessary inspection equipment, do not have the ability to self-inspect, and do not entrust relevant testing agencies to test.
In the list of unqualified soft furniture products notified by a provincial quality and technical supervision bureau, the US Bailan mattress appeared in it. The “Bailan BA-LAND enamel (180×200cm)” mattress produced by Shenzhen Bailan Furniture Co., Ltd. was found to have the physical properties of the bedding material not up to standard. In fact, foam is an important raw material for mattresses and sofas, and its performance directly affects the comfort and service life of the product. The Quality Supervision Bureau said that the reason for the disqualification was mainly due to the fact that the enterprises were not strict with the raw materials, or used to control the cost of poor quality foam plastics.
What is the brand of “American brand” registered in the rural village of Fujian, USA? The author searched on a number of professional home websites, all the introductions about the United States Bailan came from the explanation of Shenzhen Bailan Furniture Company. According to the introduction, as early as 1898, the United States Bailan was born in Houston. In 2003, it entered China. Shenzhen Bailan became the only authorized mattress manufacturer and the largest production base in the Far East region of the United States. At present, the products it produces are sold in specialty stores in Beijing, Yunnan, Shenzhen and Chongqing, and exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and other countries.
The author then found on the Chinese trademark network and the US trademark patent online search that the registered owners of the BA-LAND trademark are Huang Shuitian, the registered address is Xingmei Village, Jiudu Town, Nan'an City, Fujian Province, but one is Chinese. One is English. The US "Baland" trademark was only registered in 2005. A US mattress brand known as a century-old company whose trademark holder is a Chinese company and registered successfully six years ago is undoubtedly suspicious.
The furniture industry "fake foreign devils" emerged from the United States mattresses, German flooring, British tiles ... furniture industry "fake foreign devils" has a long history, repeated exposure is difficult to cure. According to industry insiders, this is because merchants use the psychology of consumers to like foreign brands, and the profits are huge, but the cost is very low.
Registering a trademark abroad is only one or two thousand yuan, but it can become a "foreign brand". The price of the product has doubled, which is undoubtedly a "shortcut" for some furniture companies. Some insiders have told reporters that most of these fictional foreign brands are located in Guangdong, Fujian and other places. The local furniture industry is also prosperous and prosperous. It is not uncommon to fiction foreign brands.
In addition, many brands also particularly like to promote the "hundred years of stories", and add the phrase "transfer a hundred years of classic craftsmanship" in the slogan, so that consumers misunderstand that their brand has a hundred years of history, is a ambiguous propaganda, suspected of false propaganda , misleading consumers.

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