The furniture industry is transforming the Internet or becoming a new way out

Moving into a new home, it is essential to add furniture. The people’s expression of this image is that “the house has to be filled with large pieces”, which is enough to prove that the purchase of furniture is a huge expense in the home business. According to the survey, the price of a square meter of solid wood wardrobe ranges from five to six hundred to several thousand. Most consumers think that thousands of pieces are definitely better than a few hundred pieces, while first-line brands are better than emerging brands. It is this kind of psychology that has created the furniture industry to go against the trend in the face of a downturn in the big environment. According to the March 2013 report of China Industry Network, the furniture industry achieved an overall growth of 11.4% in 12 years, and the total output value of the whole industry reached 650 billion yuan. But what are the hidden dangers behind this prosperous scene?
Hidden risks behind earnings Although the data shows that the development prospects of the furniture industry are more optimistic, some industry insiders still show concern. They believe that the Chinese furniture industry has entered a "year of standing." As the industry's maturity increases, the industry norms are becoming clearer, but the competition is still fierce. The vicious competition has spawned many industry shady scenes, and negative information such as high prices and inferior materials are frequently reported.
According to a consumer survey conducted by the Consumer Protection Committee of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 81.28% of consumers believe that there are widespread false prices among operators. Some consumers report that the price difference between the price of the goods and the transaction price is outrageous. The price of the price has become a clear price and a discounted sale. The final transaction price of some products is less than 20% of the price of the label. Price opacity has become a hidden rule in the furniture industry. In order to solve this problem, the "Home Industry Business Service Specification" was officially implemented on September 1. The regulations have caused great concern for people in the home building industry, including cabinets. However, after investigation, most consumers did not know anything about the implementation of this specification.
In addition, 84.16% of consumers in the survey reported that there is widespread after-sales service in furniture purchases, one of which is that delivery is not timely. At present, the sales of furniture by dealers are generally sold after the first sale, and the order is placed after the consumer receives the order. On the one hand, it avoids the backlog of goods, and on the other hand, it avoids the tightness of the capital chain. This has led to the merchants clearly committing consumers to send them in half a month. The result has dragged on for one month, which has seriously affected consumers' shopping sentiment. In addition, when the quality problem occurs after receiving the furniture, the after-sales service promised by the merchant is difficult to honor, causing the consumer to spend money.
In addition, consumers have also reflected many problems such as the variety of furniture orders, tempting consumers to give up asking for invoices. These hidden dangers are likely to affect the long-term development of the furniture industry. If the business does not pay attention to it and continue to ignore the opinions of consumers for personal gain, then the prosperity of the furniture industry will only be short-lived.
The Internet has injected new vitality into the furniture industry. While consumers are increasingly disappointed with the furniture industry, some businesses are also seeking new ways for their long-term development. Advancing with the times in product innovation, management models and marketing methods is a question that must be considered in the development of enterprises.
According to the survey, it takes hundreds of thousands to open a store in a first-tier city, tens of thousands of dollars to open a store in a second-tier and third-tier city, and it requires high wages and high commissions to retain a strong salesperson. The cost of traditional marketing channels for furniture companies is increasing due to a variety of reasons. As a result, some of the traditional brands in the furniture industry have turned to online marketing and have spurred consumer purchases at prices that are more attractive than physical stores. From this point of view, the Internet as an emerging sales and promotion channel is favored by the furniture industry.
Although the furniture e-commerce has been developed for a few years, there are many bumps in the middle. After all, many people think that furniture goods need to be experienced personally, and their size needs to be matched with the housing, materials, etc., or to see it. However, these unfavorable factors still have not affected the development of furniture e-commerce.
A new brand like the Liwei family has gone from the beginning to the O2O e-commerce model. Li Weijia CEO Zhou Yuxiang said that the establishment of the brand can not only be based on the dealers, but on the consumer as the core, in order to have a longer-term development.
Liweijia took the offline experience hall as an auxiliary business form of the online store and focused on network marketing. This sales model greatly reduced the price of furniture and allowed consumers to bid farewell to the high price and opaque consumption. In addition, unlike traditional merchants, Liwei is not only pursuing top environmental protection in materials, but also signing quality commitments with consumers, and is also pursuing the ultimate in service. Liweijia uses the advantages of the network to establish a reputable online flagship store, so that consumers can easily place orders at home, and immediately contact the consumers after placing the order. Liwei also stipulates that the online manual service time is 7X15 hours, which is far higher than the traditional physical store business hours, so that consumers can communicate with professionals at any time. These services have made consumers feel the joy of exceeding psychological expectations. Liwei's family business opportunities are not missed. Compared with the National Day network promotion that has just passed, Liwei's family will also launch online promotion campaigns for consumers to enjoy greater discounts.
More and more traditional furniture companies are trying to change to the O2O model, and in line with the development trend of the Internet, they can better meet the needs of customers. Compared with the traditional business model, they are more competitive. I believe that in the near future, they will gradually increase in the overall economy and will become the mainstream of home sales.

Pilot Type Freeze Dryer

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9. Intelligent data recording system, real-time record and display the cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve, vacuum curve, export data can be viewed through the computer and print a variety of operations to facilitate process optimization and verification of drying effect.
10. Flexible manual + automatic control, manually used for groping the process, automatically used for mass production.
11. Real-time alarm display and historical alarm query function to facilitate fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.
12. Vacuum adjustment during drying operation to avoid foaming and blowing of special materials and improve drying efficiency.

13. Setting the user level and password , and decentralizing operation management.

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