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Talking about the knowledge safe of safes, everyone must be familiar with them. In fact, safes can be classified into fire safes, anti-theft safes, and magnetic safes from the perspective of insurance. Buying a safe is by no means a vague thing. It must be purchased in a regular place so that you can better protect yourself in the future.
At the time of purchase, first determine the product name you need. Although there is only one word difference between the safe and the safe, the performance may be very different. If you buy a safe, you must pay attention to whether there is CCC certification on the cabinet. The thickness of the door and the cabinet of the two types of products varies greatly. The anti-theft function of the storage cabinet is very weak and can only be used to store general private items. The real valuables must use safes. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the product parameters when purchasing the safe. The parameter list includes the thickness of the door, the thickness of the cabinet, and the type of the lock. If possible, please check whether the thickness of the door is consistent with the parameter, because there are many Known as a CCC-certified product, in fact, many basic indicators are not met.
At present, most of the anti-theft safes on the market are A1 types. There are various shapes and styles of products. Consumers can purchase according to their needs. Regardless of the type of anti-theft safe products purchased, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects: :
1 The color of the paint film (or spray film) on the external surface of the anti-theft safe cabinet shall be uniform, and there shall be no obvious defects such as cracks, gowns, and spots.
2 Anti-theft safe with cabinet height less than or equal to 600 mm. The upper, right and left clearances of the cabinet door and door frame are ≤ 1.5 mm, and the lower clearance is ≤ 2 mm. The gap is too low to reduce the anti-theft performance.
3 When the quality of A type and B type anti-theft safe cabinets is less than 340 kg, instructions for fixing holes, fixing parts, and instructions shall be installed. Attention shall be paid and fixed in time according to the instructions.
4 The thickness of anti-theft safes is generally 8-10 mm and the thickness of the cabinet is more than 6 mm. In order to ensure the performance of anti-theft, the shop should ask the shop about the thickness of steel plates.
Anti-theft safes The most important thing is to have a vandal-proof function, but also have alarms and other functions. The State and the Ministry of Public Security attached great importance to the quality of anti-theft safes. The Ministry of Public Security’s product quality supervision, inspection and testing center for security alarm systems and the Ministry of Public Security’s safety and police electronic product quality inspection centers were established in Shanghai and Beijing respectively. The production of anti-theft safe products is supervised and tested. Therefore, consumers must purchase qualified products when they choose such products, so that the safe will really play a role in insurance.
In addition to the functions of fire prevention and anti-theft, the safe can be classified into home use, corporate use, and financial use. The sales sources and functions of such products are roughly classified as follows:
First, the products provided by the general furniture line and the iron cabinet line mainly come from the domestic-made, Japanese-made, and Korean-made fire-fighting safes. Since most of these products are sold at low prices, most of them have no anti-theft security tests at the national level and are not suitable for customers to place important documents and valuables.
2. The products provided by professional agents are more professional and perfect than ordinary furniture in terms of functions of anti-theft and fire prevention, size, and after-sales service. Most safe products have international unit testing and certification, so the quality of products purchased by consumers is guaranteed.

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