Silent door locks are expected to fill the gap in the industry

In recent years, with the increasing noise in the modern living environment and the increasing demand for quality of life, consumers' demand for a “quiet” environment is more urgent than ever. The mute door lock category pioneers "famous door", constantly introducing technology-leading mute door locks and hardware products, filling the gap in the door lock industry category, leading the industry quiet era.

Based on insights and research on consumer life, Mingmen discovered the impact of switching door noise on people's lives and work. The journey of mute door locks was opened: 2006-2008, the concept of “silent door lock” was proposed and widely demonstrated; In 2009-2011, the project developed a silent door lock; in 2012, the first generation of silent door locks, the city won 2 silent invention patents, 2 silent utility model patents; in July 2013, Mingmen announced strategic positioning "silent door locks" In the same year, the second generation of silent door locks (magnetism) was launched, and one patent for mute invention, three for silent invention patents, and three for silent utility model patents; in 2014, Mingmen launched the third generation of silent door locks, and obtained silent utility models. There are 7 patents and 5 silent invention patent applications.

Today, the all-in-one solution for silent door locks has won high recognition from consumers, wooden door industry and real estate developers, which has caused peer resonance and follow-up.

Through continuous iterative mute technology innovation, the problem of switching door lock noise is effectively solved. Door hardware, home hardware, bathroom hardware also have annoying noise. For different noise sources and different scenes, the door uses all-round mechanical, magnetic, damping and other mute technologies. Silent door locks and silent hardware are forming a silent product cluster. Silent technology and product leadership, providing consumers with a full range of high quality quiet life.

High temperature resistant, CPVC pipe is 15℃ more resistant to heat than UPVC pipes, can keep shape and intensity under temperature 93℃.

Excellent electric insulation, can resist 30kv voltage, assuring a safe system.

Compression resistance, the ring stiffness can reach 10kpa.

High impact strength, can resist 1 kg heavy punch from 2m high under temperature 0℃.

Flame retardant, self-extinguishing when leave fire.

Easy construction. light weight, easy to transport, handle and construct. Using spigot and socket joint of elastic sealing rubber rings, can avoid the leakage of underground water and protect electrical cable.

Long service life, PVC-C electrical pipe is corrosion resistant, anti-aging, service life can be up to 50 years.  

The main application

â—Ž urban and rural trench less directional drilling power pipeline project, and open the                   excavation of power pipe project

â—Ž urban and rural trench less horizontal drilling into the sewage discharge pipe project

â—Ž municipal, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, heat and other pipeline projects

Main Application:

1. Hard CPVC pipe can be used in urban power grid construction and transformation;
2. Municipal Improvement Project;
3. Civil Aviation Airport construction Project;
4. Industry Zone and Residential area construction;
5. Transportation engineering construction;
6. Lamp cables' installation;
7. as protective pipe network, in Telecommunication and cable TV signal area.

 The power pipe has excellent electrical insulation.

â—Ž power pipe has a high thermal deformation temperature and low temperature  impact performance.

â—Ž power tube tensile, compression performance higher than HDPE.

â—Ž power pipe light, smooth, friction main small, hot melt welding docking.

â—Ž power pipe long-term use of a temperature of 5 ~ 70 ℃.

Buried Cable CPVC Pipe

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