Several common cabinets surface material purchase analysis

Cabinets determine the style of kitchen decoration, and the countertops directly affect human dietary health. As the main body of the kitchen, all human dietary activities are carried out. Therefore, the choice of countertops is particularly important. At present, the main popular materials in the market are artificial stone, fireproof board, stainless steel, natural stone, and the gradually growing solid wood material. What kind of texture do you prefer? How much do you know about it? Let this article be one by one today. The analysis.

Resolute rough natural stone countertops

Natural stone has been tempered by wind and rain, has a unique natural beautiful texture and extremely hard texture, the natural stone made of countertops, no doubt the kitchen has become a strong but beautiful castle. Natural stone mainly consists of granite and marble. Its density is relatively high, its high temperature and scratch resistance is very prominent, its wear resistance is good, and its cost is relatively low. The most commonly used price ranges are only a few hundred yuan or so, which belongs to the economy. A kind of countertop material that is affordable.

Disadvantages: There are voids in the texture of natural stone, and the gaps are prone to bacteria; like the fire board, the length of the natural stone is also limited, and even if the two pieces are not spliced ​​together, they are not integrated. Although the texture is hard, the elasticity is not enough. Sharp or cracked temperatures can cause cracks, which are difficult to repair. At the same time, natural stones have more or less certain radiation, which may cause harm to human health.

For the crowd: economic users who pursue natural beauty

Comprehensive index: ★ ★

Romantic natural wood countertops

In order to be close to nature, kitchens often use natural colors to create a rustic style. In order to have complete and intimate contact with nature, pure wood is also being used as a countertop, which has been processed to create beautiful shapes, while being like oak and enamel. Some of the harder wood, such as wood, is the top choice in all the countertops. This kind of pure wood countertop is currently popular in Europe and the United States, but it is still rare in China.

Disadvantages: Wood gap is relatively large, more easily filth, while the water is easily corroded.

Suitable for people: users who are extremely eager for taste and have low utilization rate in the kitchen

Comprehensive index: ★ ★

Table top maintenance tips:

1. Avoid overheating the table top. Do not place hot utensils directly on the table.

2. Avoid striking the table with sharp objects to avoid scratches.

3. Keep the countertop as dry as possible. Fireproof board countertops to avoid long-term flooding, to prevent the table open plastic deformation. Artificial stone countertops should prevent the bleaching agent and scale in the water from lightening the countertops and affecting the appearance.

4. Prevent strong chemicals from contacting the countertop. If you accidentally come into contact with the above items, immediately flush the surface with plenty of soap and water.

Health and environmental protection artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone is the most recognized market suitable for modern kitchen cabinets. Compared with other materials, artificial stone collection is beautiful and practical, it has the most abundant colors, the whole can be formed, and it can be seamlessly bonded to any length, there is no trace at the joints, can create a variety of table tops . At the same time wear, acid, high temperature, impact, compression, bending, anti-infiltration and other functions are also very strong. No pores on the surface, it is not easy to hide bacteria.

Disadvantages: Obvious lack of naturalness, texture is relatively false, the price is higher, anti-hot ability is not strong.

For the crowd: users who focus on environmental protection

Comprehensive index: ★★★★★  

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