Seven methods teach you to remove formaldehyde from the decoration

According to the national compulsory standard, after closing the door and window for 1 hour, the amount of formaldehyde released per cubic meter of indoor air should not exceed 0.08 mg; if it reaches 0.1-2.0 mg, 50% of normal people can smell odor; reach 2.0-5.0 mg. Eyes and trachea will be strongly stimulated, and symptoms such as sneezing and coughing will occur; if it reaches 10 mg or more, it will be difficult to breathe; if it reaches 50 mg or more, it will cause serious diseases such as pneumonia and even death.

Formaldehyde is a very strong fungicide and is widely used in industrial production. If the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, the health hazard is particularly great. Today, Xiaobian collected some methods for removing formaldehyde for your reference.

1. Bamboo charcoal and activated carbon adsorption method

Bamboo charcoal and activated carbon are internationally recognized as drug addicts, activated carbon masks, and gas masks using activated carbon. Bamboo charcoal is a new environmentally friendly material that has been discovered in recent years and is 2-3 times stronger than the general charcoal adsorption capacity. The characteristics of bamboo charcoal: physical adsorption, thorough adsorption, not easy to cause secondary pollution. At present, bamboo charcoal is mainly concentrated in Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Hunan, and Sichuan.

2, ventilation method to remove decoration pollution

Through the circulation of indoor air, the content of harmful substances in the indoor air can be reduced, thereby reducing the harm of such substances to the human body. In winter, people often close the doors and windows, indoor and outdoor air can not circulate, not only the indoor air content of formaldehyde will increase, helium will continue to accumulate, and even reach a high concentration.

3. Plant removal method

Medium and low pollution can choose plant decontamination: general indoor environmental pollution in mild and moderate pollution, pollution values ​​in the environment below 3 times the national standard, the use of plant purification can achieve better results. Choose and place plants according to the different functions of the room and the size of the area. Under normal circumstances, a room of about 10 square meters, 1.5 meters high plants put two pots is more appropriate.

4, chemical removal of formaldehyde

Activated carbon is a physical adsorption, very safe, although it is harmless to the human body, but it is only a temporary solution, and the spray can directly eliminate the pollution from the root cause. It should be noted that the spray is easy to form secondary pollution, please carefully identify when purchasing.

5, pure Chinese herbal medicine spray decomposition method

This is a better, more effective, and very clear prospective removal method. It combines the advantages of plant removal and chemical removal and abandons their deficiencies. First, it is safer than chemical removal of formaldehyde. Compared with the plant removal method, since it is a herbal extract, the effect is better. Like the “Didialin” herbal air freshener on the market, it is the best among them. It is one of the few pure natural decontamination products, which can be seen, along with the improvement of people’s living standards and environment. The strengthening of the concept, such a pure herbal method to remove the decoration pollution will be more and more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

6, negative ion photocatalyst treatment

The negative ion photocatalyst has a long-lasting harmful gas elimination capability, and has many functions such as emitting far infrared rays, releasing hydroxyl anions, and highly effective antibacterial. The product purifies the harmful gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene released from the interior decoration materials and furniture through the adsorption and catalysis of harmful substances. At the same time, this product has obvious antibacterial effect on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

7. Negative ion management method

Negative ion treatment, the best way to improve the indoor environment is to increase the indoor negative oxygen ion content. Scientific experiments show that negative oxygen ions, which are known as "air vitamins", are good for body and mind health. Negative oxygen ions in the air can effectively decompose formaldehyde, toluene and other decorative pollutants. The products are carbon dioxide and water, which is a good choice for solving decoration pollution. . In response to the effect of air anion to remove formaldehyde, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has confirmed by experiments that the effective rate of artificially generated small particle size ions to remove formaldehyde is more than 73.33%, and the long-term use reaches 99%.

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