Select the switch socket must pay attention to the details

Switch purchase first look at the appearance. High-quality switch and socket panels should be made of high-grade plastic products that look uniform and have a smooth, smooth surface. High-quality PC materials are flame-retardant, insulating, and impact-resistant. They are also stable in materials and resistant to discoloration. They embody the safety features while beautifying the home. Next, open the panel and you will see the internal structure of the switch and socket. As far as switches are concerned, pure silver contacts and conductive sheets made of silver-copper composite materials are generally used. This prevents arc-induced oxidation during opening and closing. The conductive bridge of high-quality products adopts silver-nickel-copper composite materials. The silver materials are excellent in electrical conductivity and are sufficient enough to meet the requirements of the national regulations for switching 40,000 times.

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The safety cover of the socket is essential, and you must choose the product with the safety cover when you select the socket. To prevent children from accidentally breaking into the electric shock caused by playing; Second, to check the tightness of the socket clip, smooth insertion is also a key factor. The structure of the socket clip can be used, and the strong extrusion method can greatly enhance the cooperation between the clip and the plug. It can also eliminate the worry of prolonged use of heat, while strong extrusion can make the plug not easy to fall off, effectively reducing the non-human factors. The occurrence of power outages.

Go to regular shops with regular evolutionary channels to purchase branded products to avoid mistakes in buying and selling counterfeit products and plant hidden dangers to ensure that you and your family use electricity safely. Although the switch socket is not "big" like home appliances, it is related to the family's daily security. So, how to choose the switch socket during the decoration process? Xi Yang, director of Simon Electric North China made a brief introduction:

The first is the connection terminal: there are two kinds of traditional screw terminal and quick connection terminal. The latter is more reliable and the connection is very simple and fast. Even if the non-professional construction personnel simply insert the wire into the terminal hole, the connection is completed. And will never fall off.

Switch feel: good switch in order to ensure reliable contact connection, reduce contact resistance, the general spring is hard, so there is a sense of strength in the switch, and ordinary switches are very soft, and often even occur in the switch handle parked in the middle of the phenomenon, Cause security risks.

Fluorescent Switch: Fluorescent switches generally have a paint type and a power-emitting type (such as a helium bubble). The former has a lower price, but since the fluorescent powder disappears after the external light source disappears, the energy is quickly depleted and the fluorescent light cannot be used. Matsushita Electric and Other regular manufacturers of products generally use power light technology, long-term light.

Copper: When purchasing copper, the product must not only have a very reasonable structural design, but also ensure that the copper has a certain thickness. The easiest way to judge is to use the plug to test whether the insertion force is moderate, and then use the hand. Hey, does the outlet really sink?

Insulation materials: When consumers buy insulating materials, it is best to do some burning experiments on their core components, but if they are not, from the aspect of appearance, good materials are generally hard texture, hard to scratch, and have tight structure after molding. And the weight is heavier.

Switch electric shock: good switching contacts are two kinds of pure silver and silver lithium alloy. The conductivity of silver is very good and can fully meet the requirements of the contacts. However, due to the low melting point of pure silver, problems such as high-temperature melting or deformation after repeated use are liable to occur. The silver alloy used by Simon Electric guarantees the good conductivity of silver and effectively increases its melting point and hardness.

In addition, we must pay attention to: The use of high-power air conditioners and water heaters, to be equipped with a dedicated socket, so that it can guarantee that the socket will not be overloaded. In the bathroom, kitchen, etc. installed in a humid environment, the best use of Lubricator, consumers can also increase according to actual needs with temperature, hygrometer, time indication of the different switch panel. Families with children should try their best to choose socket products that are protected against electric shock to protect children's safety.

In the process of installation, each household must install sockets and switches. How high should these components be from the ground? How to install the safest? Not everyone knows. E-Switch is here to introduce two options for everyone, hoping to provide effective reference for everyone.

When the socket is installed, the wall-mounted socket shall not be less than 1.8 meters from the ground; the concealed socket shall not be less than 0.3 meters above the ground. To prevent children from getting an electric shock, touching with a finger, or inserting a metal object into the power hole, be sure to use insurance. Bracket safety socket; single-phase two-hole socket construction wiring requirements are: when the hole is horizontally arranged as "left zero right fire", when the vertical arrangement is "upper ignition zero"; single-phase three-eye socket wiring requirements are : The top grounding hole must be firmly connected with the grounding wire, and it must be connected to the grounding wire. It must not be disconnected. The remaining two holes are connected according to the rules of “Left-to-zero-right-fire”. It is worth noting that the neutral line must not be wrongly connected or connected with the protective grounding cable; the refrigerator should use an independent three-eye socket with protective grounding. It is strictly forbidden to connect the grounding line to the gas pipeline to avoid serious fire accidents; in order to ensure the absolute safety of the family, the outlet of the range hood must also use the three-eye socket, and the protection of the grounding hole must not be taken lightly; the bathroom is often used to take a shower. , It is easy to get wet and it is not suitable to install ordinary sockets.

When the switch is assembled, the concealed switch requires 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters from the ground and a horizontal distance of 150 mm to 200 mm from the door frame. The position of the switch corresponds to the lamp position, and the switch height in the same room should be the same. Bathrooms should use waterproof switches to ensure personal safety.

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