Pre-exploration and communication of stone care, are you making it?

When we work on stone care, many of our stone care colleagues generally do not pay attention to the exploration work before stone care. When encountering the project, we will carry out simple communication with Party A, and carry out the construction with equipment and products. The categories and on-site conditions are generally not in-depth understanding, which will bring us a lot of problems, often the final project results are not satisfactory, can not achieve the intended purpose and effect, and even cause irreparable damage.

For example, when we took over the whole grounding project of a marble floor, because there was no on-site inspection in the early stage, we did not find (or did not pay attention to) the problem of pan-alkali and empty drums on the ground, and did not have this situation with Party A. Conduct a communication report to describe and confirm the situation that may occur in this situation after the completion of the project. During the construction, the existing problems were not treated accordingly, and the construction was carried out according to the ground method without problems. This caused the ground to lose light in a short time after the completion of the project, and the gaps fell off and the board surface became more and more obvious ( This is due to the presence of empty stones in the stone). Party A is certainly not satisfied with the construction effect. The project cannot be successfully submitted for inspection, and it is impossible to pay back in time. Such a project can be said to be a double-failed project. For us, we did not handle the ground well and did not reflect the value of our profession. For Party A, the ground problem has not been solved, and the project has no meaning.

The exploration of stone care in the early stage is so important, so what should we know and do in our survey work? According to years of construction experience, we should understand the following:

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