Power monitoring system performance testing!

The traditional power monitoring system has the following deficiencies:

1, the lack of clarity of traditional analog cameras

The current power monitoring system video image data acquisition, generally using the traditional industry 470 million pixels CCD camera with standard optical lens devices. The sharpness of the image is not higher than 480TV lines, and black and white is not higher than 570TV lines.

2, the environment of the camera interference

Traditional analog cameras require the laying of video lines, power lines and control lines. In special environments such as substations, various transmission lines are subject to interference from the power or magnetic fields caused by the alternating electric fields of substations, thus causing the monitoring system to be disturbed.

3, the system features a single, complex use and maintenance

Substations and other power systems require sophisticated monitoring functions. They must also implement remote viewing, safety monitoring, environmental monitoring and alarming functions. The environmental monitoring part mainly adopts standard sensor technology to conduct real-time monitoring of the temperature, humidity, illumination, smoke sensitivity, etc. of the high voltage chambers and main control rooms that need to be inspected. The monitoring of power equipment is a relatively complex system because there are many equipments involved in the system and there are many manufacturers that provide equipment. Therefore, the protocol and control method of the power equipment to be monitored are relatively complicated.

Current realization of the power system's complex monitoring of environmental monitoring, safety monitoring, alarming, and equipment monitoring is the use of multiple devices such as monitoring, detection, and alarming to meet different functional requirements. However, unified management and real-time communication equipment for the entire substation system is implemented. Monitoring has become more complicated to use and maintain. The function of each device requires the management and maintenance of multiple people, and troubleshooting is also difficult.

4, laying a wide range of lines, the construction of complex

The current traditional monitoring system is mainly composed of a camera, a video matrix, a monitor, a video recorder, etc. Each system is connected by a video line, a control cable, and the like. Local image monitoring systems generally use analog transmission. Video cables are used (a few use optical fibers). The transmission distance is not too far. It is mainly used in small-scale monitoring, and the monitoring images can only be viewed in the control center. At the same time, a large number of video lines, control lines, and power lines are needed to implement the system. The construction is complicated and the cost is high.

5, based on codec remote video surveillance

The codec-based remote video surveillance is developed from local analog surveillance. It uses traditional monitoring technology and a pair of video codecs to achieve long-distance video transmission. It uses a dedicated monitoring keyboard to control the monitoring center. In essence, it belongs to analog monitoring and it is difficult to interconnect with other systems, making remote monitoring and flexible operation control impossible.

6, system expansion complex

The expansion of system monitoring points and storage capacity is more complicated. The traditional monitoring system uses multiple DVRs as video storage devices, and the system composed of DVRs has a simple function and can no longer meet the complex needs of power system monitoring. As the monitoring system is widely used in power production and additional surveillance points are needed after completion, new DVRs and storage space must be considered. The current DVRs do not support the application of new technologies such as DAS, NAS and ISCIS.

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