Network onlookers TV focused on "Decrypting Big Leaf Huanghua Pear"

"Type, material, art, rhyme" has always been considered as a standard for traditional Chinese furniture. Wood has a place, but it is only a place, not all. Is the traditional furniture so fast developed in the contemporary era, really because of the material? In fact, it is not the traditional culture inherited by the styling, craftsmanship and furniture. It is also called the "rhyme". The material is just a kind of carrier to carry these, but now it has become the top priority, and the cart before the horse. As an alternative material for Hainan huanghuali, Daye huanghuali has entered the furniture industry for a few years. Because it is similar in color to Hainan huanghuali, the texture is basically the same, and the hardness, strength and oiliness even exceed Hainan. Huanghua pear, so people pay special attention to the application of this new material. In the current mahogany furniture market, large-leaf huanghuali is more than 220,000/ton of wood of 40 cm or more, 120,000/ton of material of 15-40 cm, and 50,000/ton of wood of 15 cm or less, and there is still an upward trend. The more the attention of mahogany furniture lovers, collectors and consumers, is attracted by this beautiful texture, like Hainan huanghuali and high cost performance.

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