Mi Xia New Chinese Furniture introduces you to the new Chinese style home decoration features new Chinese home decoration design

Mi Xia New Chinese Furniture News Express Study is a storage place for knowledge, reading, learning and self-cultivation, and now work is also included. The new Chinese-style study contains the scent of the ancient ancestors, while at the same time there is no derailment in the modern society.

â–¼Redwood furniture A simple mahogany furniture, the new Chinese style immediately bursts out of the air, the simple and simple new Chinese-style study makes your literati temperament unveiled, the carvings on the furniture make the artistic atmosphere come alive; soft lighting effects , warm the entire space.



The poetry painting is the representative of the ancient literati, a few paintings, the charm is natural, the fun is unique, and its talents are like the water of the dike; the shape of the word is strong and powerful, the painting is elegant and beautiful, and a kind of serenity is momentarily filled with hearts.


The screen with harmonious beauty highlights the ancient artistic atmosphere, places a corner of the space, creates an effect that is separated from each other, has the beauty of the Chinese, and has the function of beautifying and blocking the wind, giving a sense of tranquility.

â–¼Blue and white porcelain

The prime embryo outlines the blue-and-white strokes, and the depiction of a pen makes the white porcelain vivid. It is not only to appreciate its beauty, but also to appreciate its rich cultural heritage. The simple study has been added a touch of it. joy of life.

The simple study room, with a few items, was replaced with a new layer of clothing; the new Chinese style tastes elegant and gentle, making the entire study room full of strong Chinese atmosphere, elegant and intoxicating.

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