Mei'an pure beauty furniture decoration knowledge: things must be known for cafe decoration

Mei'an Chunmei Furniture Newsletter Today, coffee seems to be synonymous with petty bourgeoisie. Like high-end office buildings, cafes have become a must for white-collar workers. The times are changing. In order to cater to the rapid update of the public, the coffee shop decoration style is more diverse and novel. Want to make the cafe more superb and more attractive? Internal dining space planning is key. Although today's food and beverage space planning can attract enough consumers, it is still necessary to grasp the basic elements of decoration and decoration. Today, Meimei Chunmei Furniture will introduce us to three elements.


First, the creation of outstanding air in the cafe decoration is very important.

Many people came to the cafe. Most of them are drunken. They are not looking for wine. They are looking for some good friends to talk about. Of course, if a good cup of coffee can be done in the store, it is very good, so the cafe. It is necessary to pay attention to the decoration to create a comfortable, relaxed, elegant, romantic air, such as some retouching of the wall, or a painting, or a delicate ornament can create outstanding air. Therefore, it is very important for the customer to fully feel the air in the cafe decoration plan.

Second, the cafe door decoration planning

The superb door plan of the cafe can often attract many guests to stop in front of your door. Good planning can guide our vision, lead to our desire to explore, and interest. Therefore, the feature of the door plan is particularly important, the effect of the original cafe door is to guide and attract customers. Usually, the large cafe door can be placed in the center, and the small cafe is placed on both sides. Due to the small cafe shop, it directly affects the practical use area in the store. There is no place in the store, and it is inconvenient to enter and exit the door. The store door should be open, bright, bright, and clear, and it will be beneficial to operate. In the planning of the hall, you should also think about the elements outside the store. The level is still the slope; there are no obstructions, color conditions, nearby ambient noise and the direction of the sun, and other elements, which are as beneficial as possible for the guests to consider. .

Third, the decoration of the cafe should pay attention to the planning of the lighting effect.

The lighting effect is the lighting effect, the lighting effect has two effects, lighting and decoration. A good light plan can usually build a warm and harmonious air, so that the mood of the coffee is perfectly connected with the surrounding environment. Different lights can build different environments. For example, the dark-colored cafes are old and mysterious, while the warm-colored lights can create a romantic and warm feeling. The bright lights look modern. The plan focuses on the comparison of light colors and scenery, and the spotlights are used to decorate the objects, which can also make the coffee brand more three-dimensional.
In short, cafes have always been one of the main places where we usually gossip, cultivate our sentiments, and feel the life of the steps. Therefore, the restaurant's planning features can be built to create a romantic and comfortable air.

The above is the information about coffee decoration, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to Mei'an pure beauty furniture

Source: Mei'an Chunmei Furniture

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