Knowledge about pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides

    Today, China's pesticide network Xiaobian summed up the "knowledge of pre-emergence and post- emergence herbicides " .

Pre-emergence herbicides, post-emergence herbicides
Pre-emergence herbicides are also called soil treatment agents. They are used before emergence of crops after seeding, and can also be used during crop growth. The agent is only fixed in the topsoil layer (about 1-2 cm), does not leaching to the deep layer, kills or inhibits the weed seeds that can germinate in the topsoil layer, and the crop seeds can be normally germinated and grown due to the protection of the soil layer. (Note: This "bud" refers to the bud of weeds, not the buds of crops.)
Herbicides used after germination of post-emergence herbicide crops. The leaves used to kill weeds.
Pre-emergence herbicides, post-emergence herbicides The use of pre-emergence herbicides is a kind of soil-sealing treatment. It is usually applied for three days before sowing or after sowing, so that weeds cannot grow, but over time Prolonged, the decomposition of the drug effect in the soil, there will still be weeds growing.
Post-emergence herbicide is a herbicide used for post-emergence weeding. It is generally used in crop 3-5 leaf stage. Weed 2-4 leaves stage begins to apply to remove weeds, but also according to the type of pesticide and crops. The type of application varies from species to species. For example, rapeseed is suitable for weeding at the 5-leaf stage, wheat is suitable for the 3-leaf stage, and rice can be used for weeding at the first leaf and core.
Common types of pre-emergence herbicides and post-emergence herbicides
Pre-emergence herbicides mainly include amide herbicides such as acetochlor , pretilachlor , butachlor, pendimethalin , metolachlor, and metolachlor, sometimes different. Crops, pre-emergence herbicides are also different.
Post-emergence herbicides are mainly: for example, enemy scorpion , oat spirit, and the like.

Finally, the Chinese pesticide network Xiaobian warm reminder: the use of herbicides must choose high security, good herbicidal pesticides . In order to avoid causing weeds to die, the crops are harmed by herbicides.

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