Key points of pest control in apple expansion period

After the fruit tree enters the expansion period, it encounters high temperature and rainy weather. If it does not grasp the favorable timing for prevention and control, a variety of pests and diseases, especially early defoliation, brown spot, and ring disease will be aggravated, and aphids, spider mites, leaf roller moths, etc. will Accelerate the spread of reproduction. According to the characteristics of apple pests and diseases, it is recommended to adopt comprehensive prevention and control measures combining agriculture, biology and chemical control to control various pests and diseases.

1. Biological control: artificial release of predatory mites. In the middle of June, when the female pupa of the eucalyptus was still in the stage of intrinsic concentration, the average leaf mites (including eggs) were released when the amount was less than 2 eggs. Choose to release in the evening or on a cloudy day, and nail the bag containing the predator to the shady side of the first branch of each fruit tree, one bag per plant. The orchard is planted with clover or the orchard is stored for 2 months before the release of the predator to conserve natural enemies. Pay attention to the 2 weeks before release, use selective agents such as avermectin and polymycin, and spray the whole plant once to reduce the number of pests; do not use acaricide in the orchard within 1 month after hanging. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
2. Chemical control: a therapeutic fungicide such as 43% tebuconazole suspending agent or 40% flusilazole emulsifiable concentrate, protective fungicide such as 70% propionate zinc wettable powder or 80% imported mancozeb wettability may be used. Powders, insecticides such as 70% imidacloprid water dispersible granules or 5% cyhalothrin water emulsion or 20% fenpropathrin emulsifiable concentrate or 5% avermectin 5% avermectin, acaricide such as 5% azole The oxime ester suspension agent can be sprayed and prevented, and if an immune inducer is added, the fruit can be expanded and the quality can be improved. When using the drug, be careful not to expand the concentration at random, and use a second dilution method to first dilute the hydrophilic powder, the liquid and the suspension, and then add the non-hydrophilic microemulsion and the emulsifiable concentrate. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
3. Strengthen fertilizer and water management. Because this period is in the fruit expansion period, it needs more fertilizer and water. It should pay attention to increase the management of fertilizer and water, apply enough swelling fertilizer, and the fertilizer is mainly high nitrogen and high potassium fertilizer. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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