Jiuhuang Group: Three years of gold to create a miracle

  Through three years of rapid development, Jiuhuangtou's most advanced production line in the industry has achieved the myth of a 15- second production and reached an annual production capacity of 2 million. Nine Emperors set up five production bases in Jinhua, Wuyi and Yongkang areas; the industry covers four major areas: home, security doors, stainless steel doors, and aluminum alloy doors and windows. Today, Jiuhuang Group has become a strategic partner of the Western Sector Industry and has become an emerging leader in the door industry.


The commissioning of the Jiuhuang Automated Assembly Line has greatly improved production efficiency and at the same time the market competitiveness of the company has become stronger. In addition to the efficiency improvement, the automated assembly line replaces the manual position, which solves the labor troubles for the company. After the simple and repetitive labor is replaced by machines, the talent advantage is more obvious.

  In addition, on the original basis, the company also adopted German advanced automotive technology to carry out product surface treatment, so that the door products are completely dust-free and particle-free, and the precision of the products has reached advanced level. In the sewage treatment, Jiuhuang uses 5 channels for recycling, achieving zero discharge of sewage. The original boiler was heated with coal, which has been changed to use natural gas to contribute to environmental protection.

  Jiuhuang Group's products radiate a vast area, covering major provincial capital cities, and extending to towns and villages layer by layer. The market performance of products is beyond imagination. This is inseparable from the product strategy formulated by Jiuhuang. According to the needs of consumers at different levels, the products of Jiuhuang products cover low, medium and high-end products. Consumers can choose more affordable products according to their own needs. .

  These hardware improvements are a true portrayal of the Nine Emperor Group's three years of gold. Hardware is the foundation and software is the key. In the information age, enterprises must follow the brand road, of course, can not do without soft culture.

  The direction of the struggle of the Nine Emperors is not only to manufacture products, but more importantly, to cast something more valuable than the products and to make the world a better place. Nine Emperors continue to innovate in products and are committed to creating products with an era of humanity.

  As the performance of Jiuhuang has been rising in the past three years, it has become the fastest growing enterprise in the industry. Its unique and innovative manufacturing and sales management model has been hailed as the “Nine Emperor-style development model”.

  The dual-brand strategy adopted by Jiuhuang now depends on its complete product line and comprehensive product services. For each sub-brand, Jiuhuang has the most professional brand service team and product design team to provide customers with humanized Service, each brand complements each other.

  Gelkins is the home furnishing industry of the Nine Emperors. Its products include the overall wardrobe, cabinets and so on. As an extension of the door industry, when the positioning of Kohlkins, the nine emperors have made sufficient considerations. Today, Gelkins has become a strategic partner of the well-known home furnishing brand Fangtai Kitchenware. It has developed in the home furnishing industry. This is the pride of the Nine Emperors, and it is the breakthrough of the Nine Emperors!

  The Nine Emperors uphold the corporate philosophy of "down-to-earth is our part; fine work is our spirit." In-depth development in the fields of quality, technology, management and service sales, in order to play a better social and economic benefits, based on domestic and market in Europe and the United States. The goal of Jiuhuang is to go international and build a big brand in the international front line.

  The Nine Emperor used the facts to prove that the time has not paid off, and the story of speeding development is legendary. The sweat and efforts behind the success are the real reasons for the outstanding encirclement from the huge group of doors and windows. On the road of future development, I believe that the Nine Emperors will write more legends and create more gold for three years!

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