How to solve the problem of not hearing each other's voice during the video conference

Enterprises will inevitably encounter such problems in the process of holding video conferences. Among them, it is relatively common to hear the voice of the other party. If this problem cannot be resolved quickly, it will affect the quality and progress of the video conference. The following video and video conferencing software is Cases to adjust sound problems.

1. Adjust the videoconferencing client-tool-audio adjustment wizard to see if it can be normal voice;

2. Video Conferencing Client-Tools-Audio to see if there are multiple input and output devices and select the correct device;

3. Is anti-virus software blocking the video conference system from invoking the microphone device;

4, whether there are other programs occupy the microphone input device;

5, whether it is a desktop computer microphone is connected to the front microphone, the computer is set to use the rear microphone, access orientation and computer settings can be consistent;

6. Whether the computer sound card is normal Through the above steps, you can quickly adjust the sound. In addition, before the start of the video conference, the participants can test the audio and video in advance for a period of time to enable smooth video conference.

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