How to maximize the efficacy of pesticides

As the temperature rises, the problem of crop pests becomes more and more serious. In addition to pest control, pesticides are the simplest and most effective way. However, if the pesticides are used improperly, it is easy to cause phytotoxicity problems. What are you?

First, according to the characteristics of the climate and the law of day and night activities of pests, choose to apply the drug in a favorable period of time. The application time is preferably from 9 to 10 am and after 4 pm. Because 9-10 am, the dew on the crop leaves has dried up, and it is the time when the sunrise pest activity is most active. At this time, the application of the drug will not affect the control effect due to the dew dilution of the liquid, and the pest can be directly contacted with the pesticide to increase the chance of poisoning the pest. After 4 pm, the light is weakened, which is when the insects fly and the night-time pests are about to be dispatched. At this time, the medicine can be applied to the crop in advance, and the pests are exposed to venom or feeding poisoning when they come out at dusk and at night, or when eating, and the evaporation loss and photolysis failure of the liquid can be avoided.

Second, according to the hazardous parts of the pests, different agents should be used, and different methods of application should be used to deliver the drugs in place. For pests that endanger the roots, the liquid should be applied to the roots or applied to the seeding ditch; for the pests that feed on the back of the leaves, the liquid should be sprayed on the opposite side of the leaves; the dead seedlings caused by the aphids should be The medicament is made into toxic soil.

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