How to distinguish between true and false 4K TV?

4K ultra-high-definition TVs have been listed, attracting many consumers' hearts and actions. However, some consumers have reported that the 4K TVs that have just bought home are not as good as they are, and there are also 4K TVs on the market. Is it possible to buy 4K TVs to score true and false? Some experts have explained that there are some products on the market that do not meet the requirements of 4K TVs in certain hardware configurations and technologies, resulting in a significant discount on 4K effects. “4K TV also has true and false?” Recently, Miss Wang, a Beijing consumer, said that when she bought 4K TV in the appliance store, she was fainted by the shopping guides of several well-known color TV brands. “All the promoters said that they are really 4K TV. Who should I trust?” Mr. Wang said that he did not feel the essence of the 4K TV and ordinary HD TV that the family just added. the difference.

In the Zhongta store in Dazhong, a color TV promoter told the author that 4K TV has just emerged. In the end, the picture quality should reach a level, and no one can say it. And now there is no 4K source, and currently playing HD sources, so there is no way to compare them.

In this regard, Hao Yabin, vice president of China Electronic Video Industry Association, said that although 4K TV is still lacking in content, the real 4K TV can indeed bring a greater degree of image quality to consumers, consumers can Choose your own level of products with your own needs and affordability.

So how do you choose 4K TV? Li Jian, deputy chief engineer of the National Radio and TV Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that in May this year, the center and the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce jointly released the first industry standard for 4K ultra-high-definition TVs - "4K" Ultra HD TV Selection Standard (hereinafter referred to as "Standard") can be used as a basis for consumers to purchase such products.

4K TV is also known as Ultra HD TV. As the name implies, a 4K display with the ability to display ultra high definition images is one of the necessary conditions for such products. The resolution of the 4K TV reached an astonishing 3840×2160. If the product uses a non-professional UHD ultra-high-definition display, when viewing at close range, it can be clearly found that its image quality is blurred, the Screen pixels are not dense enough, and the arrangement is uneven. In the appliance store, the author saw that the display area of ​​TCL color TV provided consumers with a magnifying glass to observe the pixel particles of the screen. The company promoters said that the pixel distance of the ordinary 50-inch TV set was 0.1903×0.5708. And the TCL Cloud E5690-3D pixel pitch is 0.0955×0.2865, “Look at it.”

However, some insiders revealed that due to the huge price difference between 4K TV and Full HD products, some companies have replaced the ordinary smart TV LCD screen with 4K screen. The other core configurations are basically unchanged, and they are packaged into 4K TVs for sale. Get high profits. Therefore, when consumers purchase products, in addition to viewing the display, they should also pay attention to the following issues:

First, the processor and decoder chip determine whether the consumer can smoothly view 4K images. Experts pointed out that more than one hour of 4K movie video capacity exceeds 100G, which will be a very large project. Only products with quad-core and above processors and professional 4K decoder chips can process images. More perfect. The reporter saw that the Standard requires that 4K TVs must have high-speed transmission ports of USB3.0, HDMI1.4 and above. Li Jian explained that because the USB3.0 interface transmission rate is 600MB/S, which is about 10 times that of USB2.0, when the external hard disk or U disk plays 4K video, it can guarantee smooth and non-card; only the dual-core or even single-core is equipped. The processor, which uses the products of ordinary smart TV chips, is inevitably unable to play 4K ultra-high-definition images, and is prone to problems such as crashes, stuck, and tailing. Therefore, when the consumer purchases at the store, the relevant parameters can be viewed by setting information.

Secondly, we also need to ask whether the product adopts 2K to 4K image quality enhancement technology. Because there is no rich 4K content, 2K to 4K technology has become the best way to supplement 4K content. If you don't have mature 2K to 4K technology, ordinary 2K content will appear jagged and mosaic on 4K TV. It is understood that TCL, Skyworth, Sony and other Chinese and foreign brands of 4K TVs have adopted multi-dimensional signal correlation compensation frame interpolation technology to compensate for the lack of ordinary 2K TV picture quality. The relevant person in charge of TCL explained that its 2K to 4K correlation compensation technology is to automatically generate 4 different but related transition pixels by 1 pixel of 2K source, and raise the full HD signal data to the true ultra high definition level. The brand's 4K TV products use this technology to restore image realism to more than 90%.

In addition, whether there is a rich and practical intelligent cloud application can also be an important basis for judging the true and false 4K, because it can achieve great expansion of home entertainment. (Ma Qi)

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