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General knowledge of "active bearings"

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Following the advancement and development of society; mechanization is widely used in production and in the days. Bearings are not a part of machinery; their use will be more and more extensive; because only local bearings need to be used for transformation.
The basic layout of the rolling bearing is a rolling bearing based on the sliding bearing; the working principle is to replace the sliding friction with the rolling friction; generally consists of two ferrules; a set of rolling elements and a cage are highly versatile, Standardized and serialized mechanical roots. Because various machines have different working conditions; various requirements are imposed on the rolling bearings in terms of load capacity, layout and function. For this purpose; There is a need for a general layout. However, the most fundamental layout consists of the inner ring, the outer ring, the roll body and the cage.
The effects of various parts in the bearing are:
Regarding the radial bearing; the inner ring generally cooperates with the shaft; and works with the shaft; the outer ring generally cooperates with the bearing seat or the mechanical housing hole; the support effect is provided; however; in some cases; the outer ring works The inner ring is fixed to support the effect or the inner ring and the outer ring are all working together. About the thrust bearing; the shaft ring which cooperates with the shaft and moves together; and the bearing seat or the mechanical housing hole cooperates with each other and supports the effect The seat ring. The rolling body (steel ball, roller or needle roller) is generally placed between the two ferrules in the bearing for rolling movement; its shape, size and quantity directly affect the load of the bearing. And the use of functions. The cage can not evenly separate the roll body; it can also guide the rotation of the roll body and improve the smooth function inside the bearing.
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