"Furniture domestic sales" caused the merchants to deliberately refuse

It is said that this year's furniture exports are difficult, foreign trade business is not good, but there has been a strange phenomenon at the 15th China International Furniture Fair. Some exhibition commercial panels or plaques will be wrapped up tightly, leaving only one entrance and sending a special hand. Who is this to guard against? When I walked into it, I realized that they had written the words "Declining domestic sales" at the door. Some booths at the entrance marked "for export only, declined to peers", and when asked, they also said that they also engage in domestic trade. Then why do you treat 'domestic sales' like this? "Furniture domestic sales" made a mistake what the merchants deliberately refused to be able to better accept foreign trade customers. Some enterprises do domestic sales and do foreign trade, but at the exhibition, due to lack of manpower, fear of poor reception for foreign trade customers, special hanging This brand, in this way, shows the loyalty to the 'foreign guests'. Some of the audiences from China to participate include dealers and individuals, but there is no way for companies to distinguish them one by one. Therefore, in order to allow export business, they can only temporarily abandon some domestic businesses. Compared with domestic furniture, companies that are used to exporting furniture, it is not easy to switch to domestic and foreign trade. The difficulty of domestic sales may be greater than that of exports. Therefore, the exit was slightly warmer, and I wanted to go back to the old road, so I made such a contradiction. Some companies used to protect original designs are worried that their product designs are copied by others. The important purpose of posting notices is to stop 'peers'. In the face of this phenomenon, the visitors said: It is very easy to copy, it is ok to find a foreigner directly, but so many brands do not allow to see, it is unfair to the audience who rushed over, and people can't afford any effect. It is better to do more practical things to protect intellectual property. In fact, the true meaning of an original work is not its appearance, but its thoughts. Is it a bit of a small family to protect the original design in this way? This export market was a little bit hot, and the merchants turned around and gave up domestic sales. When the market was severe, it was fighting for the domestic market. Is this a bit unfair to the domestic market? After the baptism of the economic crisis, companies should understand that walking on two legs is the most stable!

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