FST token system development

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The random number generation of the FST economy-driven ecosystem includes two methods: consensus-based random numbers; random numbers generated in two stages. Consensus-based random numbers The consensus-based random numbers use the Fsnce of the current block as one of the seeds, and together with the Fsnce of a future block to form a random number seed (Fsndom Seed), through the random number generator, obtain a real random number .
1. Token distribution rules
FST token mechanism
FST, the full name of Fission Token, is a circulating token in the FST economic drive platform, and is the only value transmission medium in the platform. It is issued based on Erc-20, with a total amount of 21 million, and an initial issue price of 1FST = 0.3USDT.
FST Token distribution rules
The issued tokens will be distributed as follows:
20%, ie 4.2 million will be released for pre-market promotion
40%, or 8.4 million as reserve tokens, holding 20% ​​for the foundation, the foundation continues to develop
15%, that is 3.15 million as an ecological deployment
15%, that is 3.15 million as a foundation employee
10%, which is 2.1 million held as an early investor
The 30% of the tokens held by the foundation are locked for two years,
The FST Token held by early investors is locked for 1 year.
Foundation employees hold FST Token for one year and lock for a period of 24 months, with a quarterly return of 12.5%. Token Sale will start counting from the end.

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