[fire truck] fire truck dry powder gun (gun) safety operation procedures

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1. Purpose

The development of dry powder fire gun (gun) safety rules, under the guidance of state employees accidents dry powder fire cannon (gun) fire and rescue.

2. Scope

This regulation stipulates the operation and safety precautions of the fire truck dry powder gun ( gun ) .

3. Duties

The storage and use units of fire engines are responsible for the daily safekeeping and maintenance of fire engines. Professional operators are skilled in the operation skills and ensure that the fire engines are in good standby condition at any time.

4. Related documents and records

The fire engine use unit shall complete the vehicle handover procedures, formulate rules for the safekeeping and use of vehicles, and maintain records of maintenance, service, and use.

5. Procedures

5.1 Overview

The dry powder fire truck is equipped with a dry fire extinguishing agent tank, a complete dry powder injection device and other fire fighting equipment on the GM site. Dry powder fire trucks mainly use dry powder fire extinguishing agents to extinguish fires and are suitable for fighting flammable and flammable liquids, combustible gases, liquefied gases, and charged equipment.

5.2 Construction

The dry powder fire truck belongs to a gas bottle type dry powder truck and mainly includes a driver cabin, a carriage, a dry powder tank, a nitrogen cylinder group, a dry powder gun, a dry powder gun, a gas transmission system, a powder discharging pipeline, a purge pipeline, and a residual gas pipeline. And the control valve and instrument lights and other components.

Dry powder tank: It consists of two pressure tanks with a volume of 3m3 and a design pressure of 1.6MPa . For details of the pressure vessel parameters, please refer to Pressure Vessel Product Quality Certificate.

Nitrogen bottle group: a cylinder 18 15MPa, 71.5L composition, mounted in the middle of the compartment, the compartment with a circlip fixed equipment box, and a loosening prevention rubber.

Gas transmission system: Its role is to send the compressed nitrogen of the dry powder to the dry powder tank as required to drive the dry powder sprayed along the emission channel to the fire. Gas transmission system high pressure gas transmission system and low pressure gas transmission system.

Dry powder gun: Use two Chengdu West PF30 dry powder guns with an effective range of 40 meters .

Dry powder gun: The 40- meter dry powder gun of the winch is a supplement to the use of dry powder guns. It can effectively control the fire when the fire source is not large, is not serious or is outside the scope of the dry powder gun.

Dry powder extraction tube: Each dry powder tank corresponds to a dry powder gun and a capstan dry powder gun.

Purge line: Purge pipe route general line, gun purge line, left and right purge line, distribution pipe and pipeline control valve. After the dry powder is sprayed, the gun, gun, and the remaining powder in the pipeline must be cleaned, otherwise the next use will be affected. Put spare gas pipeline: Its role is to let the residual gas in the pipeline be released when the dry powder stops spraying to avoid danger.

5.3 working principle

When the high-pressure nitrogen gas in the nitrogen bottle flows into the dry powder tank through the pressure reducing valve, the kinetic energy of the high-pressure gas is used to do work, and the dry powder is carried to form a powder air flow to be sprayed from the dry powder gun or the dry powder gun mouth. When the powder gas comes in contact with the flame, it absorbs free radicals in the combustion reaction chain, interrupts the interlocking reaction, and extinguishes the flame.

5.4 Safe Operation

5.4.1 Dry powder tank intake

1, open the nitrogen bottle bottle valve (open bottom to the top 3-5 cylinders per tank).

2 , slowly open the high pressure valve ( 1 or 2 , corresponding to dry powder tank 1 # or 2 # , the same below), this time, the instrument panel "compartment pressure gauge" shows the pressure.

3 , press 1# tank inlet or 2# tank inlet, slowly adjust the pressure reducing valve ( 1 or 2 ) to 1.4MPa ( after pressure relief valve adjustment is completed, keep normally open forbidden ) (When the vehicle is handed over, it has been adjusted , do not need to adjust each time, unless the pressure deviation of more than 0.5 MPa ), then dry powder tank intake and meet the fire extinguishing pressure.

4 , dry powder gun operation ( 1 or 2 ) .

1) First open the muzzle cover and check that the vertical handles on the dry powder handling box are closed.

2) Adjust the position of the operating armrest. According to the convenience and need of operation, the height of the operating armrest is adjusted. When adjusting, the operator holds the dry powder gun to operate the armrest, and the right hand simultaneously pulls the pull handle of the right armrest, and the pull pin can be freely rotated to be turned to a suitable position. Open the pin, the positioning pin is automatically reset and the adjustment is completed.

3) Open the gun positioning pin. Press down the positioning pin handle on the handle bar on the left side of the gun and pull it back to the open position. Loosen the positioning pin handle to make it snap into the open position. The dry cannon can be tilted ± 45 ° in the vertical direction and ± 270 ° in the horizontal direction .

4) The gas source pressure gauge must be ≥ 1.2MPa before using the dry powder gun. When two cannons are used at the same time, two gun gauges need to be confirmed. If the pipeline pressure drops, the high-pressure nitrogen cylinder valve may be opened in sequence or even all the nitrogen cylinder valves may be opened.

5) depending on the fire to adjust the dry powder gun ejection intensity. When different spray strengths are required, the opening handle can be adjusted.

6) Adjust the spray angle of the dry powder gun / gun according to the fire , aim at the root of the fire source and fire it to the right to achieve the best fire-extinguishing effect.

7) After the fire is extinguished, close the dry powder tank open handle. Open 1# gun cleaning or 2# gun cleaning to purge the dry powder pipeline.

5 , dry powder gun operation ( 1 or 2 ).

1) Take out the dry powder gun, unscrew the fixed knob, pull out the nozzle, point it at the root of the fire source, and press the 1# gun powder or 2# gun powder button on the lower board to trigger the dry powder gun trigger. The dry powder is the gun. The mouth is ejected at a high speed and left and right to achieve the best fire extinguishing effect.

2) After the work is completed, press the powder button again to open 1# gun cleaning or 2# gun cleaning to purge the dry powder pipeline.

6, the gas source is turned off: pressed again "button intake", close the intake solenoid valve, closing all high-pressure nitrogen cylinder valve open, nitrogen sparge valve is opened, the high-pressure side pressure releasing nitrogen gas relief line (operator safety, Avoid nitrogen.

7 , let air ( 1 or 2 ).

After the dry powder tank is inflated, no powder is sprayed or only a part of the dry powder in the tank is sprayed. The gas in the tank should be vented. At this time, the tank top safety valve discharges air (the tank retains 0.1 MPa preload).

5.5 Using Safety Precautions

1, dry powder fire truck driver must hold B2, etc. to meet the requirements of the driver's license.

2, dry powder fire engines firefighters must be approved by professional training, after obtaining the qualification using fire engines use to prevent improper operation, bungled rescue.

3, the dry powder fire extinguishing agent is carried ABC powder containing dry powders, to be suitable for fire fighting category.

4 , dry powder fire truck recharge must be filled with the original manufacturer of the original quality of dry powder. It is forbidden to fill in rainy days.

5. It is forbidden to park the dry powder tank fire truck at the lower tuyere or against the wind.

6, the pressure vessel and pressure piping systems powder belong pressure equipment, are not free to beat, is prohibited modification.

7, the use of dry powder spray gun, the powder must be inflated to the pressure tank rated pressure line after injection, or because of insufficient pressure to affect the range and extinguishing effect.

8. It is forbidden to aim at the muzzle and muzzle.

9, prohibit untrained non-professional maintenance personnel without permission is prohibited without permission maintenance, testing fire engine fire extinguishing systems.

10, repair or tank before adding dry powder, the dry powder reservoir to open before the pressure relief valve, nitrogen line repair roof, should the pressure relief line, with a non-pressure maintenance.

5.6 routine inspection maintenance requirements

1 , the daily fire truck use unit full-time fire brigade responsible for maintenance.

2, fire guns repair and maintenance professional maintenance units maintained by the fire or fire truck manufacturers.

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