Fashion bathroom is popular How to choose three sets of bathroom

Modern people need to forget the worldly troubles in the bathroom and reach a pure, quiet and relaxed state... Then, what should we do when choosing the necessary three-piece set for the bathroom?

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Choose your favorite toilet

In the choice of toilet, mainly consider the novelty of the style and the strength of practicality. For example, there are two types of styles: split and split. One-piece type is mainly integrated with the water tank and the toilet, which can save more space. The split type refers to the separation of the water tank and the toilet, and some of them can also have 3 liters and 6 liters in the two options. The style of the toilet seat is selected in accordance with the space size and personal preference. The round-end type saves space and the children are more adaptable. Longer squat toilets are longer in size and wider in water seal area, helping to keep toilets clean and adapting to adults. There are horizontal and lower drainage methods, which are mostly determined by personal preferences. The classification of price is obvious. The universal economy is around RMB 100, such as a split toilet in TOTO, with a displacement of 6 liters and a market price of 1,500 yuan. The mid-range and sanitary bathroom series in the Lijia multi-series single united, conjoined water-saving toilet and Kohler's Wendysi series of split toilet, high durability, the overall streamlined sense, the price is more than 3000-4000 Yuan varies. The price of high-end toilets can be up to 5,000-6,000 yuan.

Bathtub can also be full of personality

In addition to considering the space and personal preferences of the bathroom, the bathtub should also consider the texture, future maintenance and use of the bathtub. For example, there are three kinds of enamel steel, acrylic and cast iron on the market. Enamel steel has the advantages of economical and easy maintenance, but it has poor plasticity, single style and fragility. Acrylic materials are made of top-grade materials, high hardness, high abrasion resistance, high heat resistance, smooth surface and more styles. Among them, the Kohler Yipu Lai, Ou Gulasi series and the Lijia series in the sanitary ware are the most popular baths. Price mid-range, ranging from 5000 to 8,000 yuan. The cast iron bathtub is made of the highest grade materials, with bright colors, good brightness, strong and stable, durable for more than 50 years, with more non-slip surface to ensure safety, and the price is higher. In addition, the cast iron series is also thick and heavy. At present, the bathtub also adds massage and other functions in practicality, more in line with modern fashion needs.

Toilet washbasin choose to pay attention

There are three types of washbasins in the washbasin: the washbasin above the counter, the washbasin under the counter, and the washbasin. Mostly used on the market and in homes are stage and column basins. Small size, clear lines and smooth, because its main function is to wash your face daily, wash your hands, so with more simple style, bright new tap, you can give people a fresh feeling. The price of the washbasin on the market today is very different because of the difference in texture, style and brand. The common porcelain washbasin has tens of dollars to three or four hundred dollars, and the high-grade column of cast iron or acrylic texture The washbasin can be up to 5,000 yuan.

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