Extruded board exterior wall insulation

The system uses XPS polystyrene extruded board (hereinafter referred to as extruded board) as the exterior wall insulation material of the building. When the building main body and the external wall masonry work are completed, the XPS special interface agent is applied on the bottom layer mortar. Extruding XPS extruded polystyrene board

The extruded mortar for the exterior wall insulation material is pasted on the wall as required and anchored with plastic expansion screws. Then, the polymer cement mortar is applied on the surface of the extruded board, and the alkali-resistant plasticized glass fiber mesh cloth is pressed to strengthen the protective layer of the crack resistant mortar, and the galvanized steel mesh and the special tile adhesive and joint are used instead. Agent).

Compared with the EPS system, the XPS extruded polystyrene board thin plastering exterior wall insulation system has the characteristics of higher strength, better thermal insulation performance and stronger gas impermeability. This system is a kind of relatively high-grade insulation subsystem. It has been widely used in construction projects with high insulation requirements such as cold areas, high-end buildings and cold storage projects.

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