Explain in detail the "SKF imported bearing cleanliness" problem

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Explain in detail the "SKF imported bearing cleanliness" problem

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The so-called cleanliness test is a test method that separates the impurities in the bearing by a certain method and measures the degree of pollution. The current cleanliness detection methods are as follows: mass method experiment; microscopic counting method; active particle counting method experiment .
One: quality method experiment.
According to the national regulations of JB/T20.50-2005; first clean the impurities in the SKF bearing into the cleaning solution; filter, dry, and weigh through the cleaning solution; calculate the mass of the impurity particles.
Two: Microscopy experiment.
The former process and the mass method of this method are similar; the difference is that the cleaning liquid is filtered; the size and quantity of the impurity particles in the filter membrane are directly observed by a microscope, and the chemical composition and content of the impurities can be determined according to the shape of the impurity. This method is most suitable for the determination of the cleanliness of imported bearings.
Three: active particle counting method experiment.
Active particle calculation method and mass method; microscopic method is different; it is the principle of using photoelectric principle; directly determines the number and size of impurity particles. The accuracy of this method is relatively high; it is usually applied to bearings with high cleanliness requirements.
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