Emergency knowledge of fire accidents

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1. Home fire

Home fires are generally caused by people's carelessness. Frequent incidents are sudden and unpredictable. The consequences are serious.

Emergency points >>>

● When the cooking pan is on fire, it should be quickly covered with a lid to extinguish the fire. If there is no lid, you can put the cut vegetables into the pot to extinguish the fire. Do not use water to prevent the burning oil from spilling out and ignite other combustibles in the kitchen.

● When the appliance catches fire, turn off the power first, then use a wet quilt or wet clothes to extinguish the fire. When the TV sets catch fire, special attention must be paid to the TV from the side during fire extinguishing to prevent explosion of the CRT.

● Do not leave room for property while you are away. If you have left the indoor fire, you may not return to the interior for property.

● Keep your body as low as possible during your escape. It is best to walk along the corner and use a wet towel or wet handkerchief to cover your mouth and nose and leave quickly away from the direction of the pyrotechnics.

Expert Tips >>>

â—† Don't throw cigarette butt, you should annihilate the cigarette in the ashtray. Do not smoke in bed or on the sofa after a drink or fatigue or before going to sleep.

â—†Educate children not to play with fire. Put matches, lighters, etc. on children's places.

â—† When going out, turn off the indoor and outdoor fire before going to sleep, turn off the gas, the total valve of the liquefied gas.

â—† Do not pull on the cord, use electric irons, hair dryers, electric cups, electric heaters or other home electric appliances. Do not leave or use lamps for heating or baking.

2, high-rise fire

High-rise buildings have narrow corridors and high floors. It is not easy for fires to escape and rescue is difficult. People often block passages due to crowded traffic and cause tragedies of trampling on each other.

Emergency points >>>

● In time, the police will be able to save the fire in time, and fire fighting equipment on all floors can be used to extinguish the initial fire source.

● After leaving the room, be sure to close the door, so that the flame, smoke control in a certain space.

● Do not use elevators in your escape, and don't jump blindly. Floors are not high, can be used rope or sheets, curtains, etc., tear into strips, link up, tightly bolted on the door and window bar, slip down the road. Or use bamboo rafts and outdoor downpipes to escape. You can also use the balcony or drying table, with wood, bamboo rafts, etc. ride on the neighbor's balcony, drying table, climb to escape.

● When the passage is closed by fire, if you want to escape, you can approach the window and the balcony for help. At the same time, close the window and welcome the fire, use a wet towel, wet cloth to block the door joints, water to penetrate the room, to prevent smoke intrusion, waiting for rescue.

Expert Tips >>>

â—† The visibility in the fire field is very low. Keep calm, and not blindly acting is an important prerequisite for safe escape.

â—†Because the power supply system will power off at any time, do not take the elevator to escape.

â—† When waiting for rescue, you should try to wait in a place where the balcony, window, etc. can easily be found. Get away from the wall, because when firefighters enter the rescue room, most of them are groping along the walls.

â—† Do not jump easily. This can only be done if the firefighters are prepared for a life-saving air cushion or if the floor is not high, or if they will die if they do not jump.

â—† Do not pile debris on public passages at ordinary times. Otherwise, it will not only cause fire, but also prevent escape and rescue in case of fire.

3, personnel-intensive places fire

In the event of a fire at a crowded place such as a hotel, theater, supermarket, gymnasium, and large-scale entertainment venues, people often panic and crowded and block channels, and tragedies of trampling on each other, or due to improper escape methods, cause casualties.

Emergency Point"

● If an initial fire is detected, it shall be reported to the police in a timely manner and the fire-fighting equipment inside the building should be extinguished in time.

● To keep your head awake, do not panic and run around blindly.

● The fire spreads. Apply wet towels or wet clothes to cover your mouth and nose. Lower your body position and take a short breath. Evacuate quickly and orderly to the safe exit. Try to avoid shouting loudly to prevent the inhalation of toxic fumes into the respiratory tract.

● After leaving the room, close the door and keep the flame and smoke in a certain space.

● Use the building's balcony, refuge floor, interior layout and descending device, rescue bags, emergency escape ropes, etc. to escape. You can also make the bed sheets and tablecloths to form a firm rope, fasten it on the window bar, and slide the rope to the safe floor.

● When there is no way to escape, you should approach the window or balcony, close the fire and windows, and call for help.

Expert Tips >>>

â—† There are emergency signs for safety exits in crowded places, and care should be taken in peacetime.

â—† Do not escape by elevator.

â—† Do not jump easily, unless the fire is already life-threatening.

â—† After staying at the hotel or hotel, special attention should be paid to the map of the fire escape provided by the service provider, or to the location of the safe exit.

â—† Don't be crowded when you escape.

4, car fire

Car fires not only threaten the safety of drivers and passengers, damage vehicles, but also affect traffic order.

Emergency points >>>

● The car engine catches fire : Stop quickly, cut off the power supply, and use the fire extinguisher on fire at the root of the fire.

● Cargo goods caught fire : Immediately leave the car away from key areas or places where people are concentrated, and promptly call the police. At the same time, extinguish with the vehicle fire extinguisher. The surrounding masses should stay away from the scene to avoid injury during the explosion. ● Fire in the refueling process : Stop fueling immediately, evacuate personnel, and quickly drive the vehicle out of the gas station. Use a fire extinguisher and clothes to extinguish the flame on the fuel tank. If there is flaring fuel on the ground, immediately extinguish it with a fire extinguisher or sand.

● After the car was hit, it caught fire : Try to save the person first and then extinguish the fire.

● The bus caught fire during operations : Immediately open all the doors to allow passengers to get on the train in order. At the same time, quickly extinguish the flame with the vehicle fire extinguisher. If the flame seals the door, passengers can use their clothes to cover their heads and rush down from the door ; or break the glass and escape from the window.

Expert Tips >>>

â—† Do not carry flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods by public transport.

â—† Fire extinguisher should be equipped with the vehicle and learn to use it properly.

5. Forest fire

Forest fires refer to forest fire disasters that lose human control, freely spread and expand within forest lands, and cause damage and loss to forests, natural ecosystems and humans.

Emergency points >>>

● If a forest fire is discovered, it should immediately call the local village groups, agencies, enterprises and institutions, or report to the local government or the Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters. Participate in the rescue operations under the unified organization and command of the relevant departments.

● In the special conditions of steep mountain slopes, complex terrain, and variable wind direction, the fire site should not be hitched in the night at all times, and fire barriers should be organized to indirectly sweep.

● Do not enter the mountains on three sides, the saddle valley, the narrow Caotang ditch, the narrow valley, and the sunny slopes.

● If you are in a dangerous environment, you must quickly enter the fire to avoid the fire. When you cannot break through, you must choose to open the area in the area with little vegetation and low flame until you see the wet soil. Put your face into the pit and cover your head with your clothes. Keep it on the front of your body and avoid the fire.

Expert Tips >>>

Don't burn scented paper money, firecrackers and firecrackers outside the cemeteries in the forest. When you pay homage, you should take flowers, plant trees and other civilizations and ecological methods.

â—† Strengthen the monitoring of children, elderly people and the like, staying, stupid, and mental patients and other special groups to prevent fires.

â—† Do not mobilize and organize disabled persons, pregnant women, elderly persons over 60 and minors to participate in forest firefighting.

â—† When fighting a forest fire, you must first select a safety zone and a retreat route to prevent accidents.

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