Does the product really need a security label?

Introduction: A brand entrepreneur must know what the product label means. A branded product must know what the product anti-counterfeiting means. An unscrupulous trader must also know what the anti-counterfeit product means. Here I would like to ask again, do the products really need security labels?

Does the product really need a security label?

Some suppliers and label printing companies have already smelled the huge potential of the anti-counterfeiting label market. With the popularization of anti-counterfeiting labels, the most insignificant product labels have become more and more important. A few cents or a few cents of small labels have transformed into cutting-edge products that contain hi-tech products.

Phenomenon such as counterfeiting and counterfeiting are by-products associated with the market economy. Since ancient times, as long as there are commodities, such behavior will occur. In order to protect their own interests, anti-counterfeit technology came into being. With the continuous development of the Chinese market economy, the development of anti-counterfeiting technology in China has also achieved a qualitative leap. As brand holders continue to strengthen their anti-counterfeiting needs, more and more technical solutions have been applied. From the perspective of anti-counterfeit technology providers, there are not only professional companies providing comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solutions on the market, but also a large number of printing companies can provide customers with unique technical features of anti-counterfeiting solutions, anti-counterfeiting technology market presents A new situation in which hundreds of flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend.

In terms of the label market, the current application of anti-counterfeiting technology is mainly reflected in the aspects of material security, design anti-counterfeiting, process security, and IT security. Some of the latest scientific and technological achievements are also being applied to the production of security labels.

Why do products need to be anti-counterfeiting labels?

First: I don't know whether or not everyone has this habit. Usually when shopping, they are used to seeing whether there are anti-counterfeit labels on products or whether they use anti-counterfeiting technology. There are anti-counterfeiting labels that they can buy. Guaranteed, manufacturers have strength. Certainly, but for sure, it is not a product with no counterfeit label. This is a consumer's freedom of choice. It is also a choice of manufacturers!

Second: can increase the brand image of the product to a certain extent; consumers always like to refer to cost-effective, the current market competition is so fierce, each brand has its own unique side, consumers generally can not compare, but the security label is Is a product that allows consumers to quickly understand, identification, operation of the popular auxiliary products, customers can even through the label, more understanding of product knowledge!

Third: You can do a brand image promotion, promotion

Fourth, to prevent subordinate dealers from selling goods, companies can customize anti-counterfeit labels according to their own needs. Not only can they achieve anti-counterfeiting but also can implement anti-counterfeiting functions, so as to prevent malicious stock-picking between agents.

Therefore, the major manufacturers do not just make anti-counterfeiting labels for security. The anti-counterfeit labels also have the functions of enhancing the image, shaping the brand value, marketing the products, and facilitating the management of the manufacturers.

At the same time, the greater the use of anti-counterfeiting technology, the higher the cost of the product's investment in packaging and labels. Printing companies want customers to accept this increase in costs, in addition to the need to provide high-quality, difficult to counterfeit security labels and packaging, but also need to expand the function of the label and packaging efforts.

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