Direct Green Dye Direct Dark Green Dye 1 for Silk

Model NO.: direct green 1
C.I.No.: 30280
Delivery: 15 Days
Application: Textile, Cotton, Silk
Trademark: EMPEROR
Transport Package: 25kg/Drum, Carton
Specification: 100%
Origin: China
HS Code: 32041400
Product Name: Direct Green 1
C.I. No.: 30280
CAS No.: 3626-28-6
Molecular Formula: C34H23N7Na2O8S2
Molecular Weight: 769.71
Shade: Dark green.
Relative name:
C.I. Direct Green 1 (7CI);C.I. Direct Green 1, disodiumsalt (8CI);Direct Green B (6CI);Airedale Green BWD;Aizen Direct Dark GreenBH;Amanil Green LT;Atlantic Dark Green;Atlantic Dark Green BG;Atlantic Green WT;Atul Direct Dark Green P;Azine Dark Green BH/C;Azocard Dark GreenB;Bencidal Dark Green B;Benzanil Dark Green BW;Benzo Dark Green B;BenzoDark Green BA-CF;Brasilamina Green B;C.I. 30280;Calcomine Dark Green BG;Chlorazol Dark Green PL;Chrome Leather Dark Green N;Chrome Leather Dark GreenS;Chrome Leather Green B;Cresotine Dark Green B;Dark Green EMBL;DiacottonDark Green;Diamine Dark Green B;Diamine Dark Green N;Diaphtamine Fast BlackFE;Diazine Dark Green BO;Diazine Dark Green P;Diazol Green Black N;DiphenylDark Green B;Diphenyl Dark Green BN;Direct Black Green;Direct Black Green N;Direct Dark Green;Direct Dark Green A;Direct Dark Green B;Direct Dark GreenB (Chinese);Direct Dark Green BF;Direct Dark Green BG;Direct Dark Green MB;Direct Dark Green S;Direct Dark Green Supra;Direct Dark Green WS;Direct DeepGreen A;Direct Green 1;Direct Green WAC;Enianil Dark Green BG;Erie GreenWAC;Erie Green WT;Fenamin Green M;Hispamin Green WT;Kayaku Direct DarkGreen B;Mitsui Direct Dark Green BX;Naphtamine Dark Green B;Nippon DarkGreen B;Nippon Dark Green B Conc;Phenamine Dark Green B;Polycor Dark Green S;Pontamine Green S;Sandopel Dark Green B;Shikiso Direct Dark Green B;Tertrodirect Green BG;Union Dark Green B;Vondacel Green DB;
Direct Direct Green 1 Physical Properties and light fastness, solubility.
Direct Direct Green 1
Dyeing depth % 2
Insolubles % 0.15
Light Fastness 2
Washing Fatness 4
Rubbing fastness(dry) 4
Rubbing fastness(wet) 3
Direct Direct Green 1 Properties:
Dark green. Soluble in water for blue light green, soluble in soluble fiber element, and adequate soluble in ethanol and acetone, insoluble in other organic solvents. In the dark for the strong sulfuric acid to blue-black, after dilute black precipitation; In nitric acid partly dissolved, from brown into a red. The dye solution to join strong hydrochloric acid have Gray light purple precipitation; Add thick dark blue purple sodium hydroxide solution precipitation.
Suitable for cellulose fiber, silk, polyamide fiber dyeing and printing, also suitable for leather and paper color.

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