Different characteristics and applicable occasions of safes

The safe box box is much thinner than the safe box, generally 2mm or so steel plate is even thinner, easy to be destroyed (impact drill can easily drill through), anti-theft performance is relatively poor, generally used for private storage, does not belong to a special anti-theft measure. According to the lock, the safe deposit box can also be classified into two types: mechanical password and electronic password, which are used to store items with more privacy. Although some brands refer to their products as private boxes, they are actually titles that businesses themselves have given. The purpose is to highlight their uses and actually belong to safe deposit boxes.
Safe steel plate thickness is far greater than the safe, and the material is steel plate, generally according to 45 cm above the thickness of the door plate up to 10mm, box thickness 6mm, 45 cm below the thickness of the door plate up to 8mm, box thickness up to 4mm, anti-theft performance is much higher Safe deposit box. Therefore, if it is used to place valuables, you should still choose a safe.
Because of the difference in construction, the safe deposit box is also much cheaper than the safe, and it is more suitable for use when storing items in public places such as personal homes, supermarkets or hotels.

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