Decoration 6 big mistakes can not be made again!

Every owner hopes to decorate their homes beautifully, but the thousands of anti-million defenses will wait until they are renovated. They will always enter into various misunderstandings. It is better to over-focus on the same and ignore the other side! Today Xiao Bian gave you talk about decoration, what are the most common mistakes!

Misunderstanding 1: Use decorative materials only for "advanced", regardless of fire prevention

Nowadays, decorative materials, especially advanced decorative materials, on the market are many products that are flammable, toxic, and have poor flame retardancy. Once a fire occurs, the decorative materials will rapidly burn and release a large number of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. , causing indoor hypoxia, causing coma and suffocation.

Misunderstanding 2: Change the structure of the house and only consider "broadening", regardless of bearing weight

Some residents, in order to meet the needs of widening the room, randomly remove or cut off some of the load-bearing walls in the room, so that the original structure of the wall is changed, breaking the original structure of the transmission route, the resistance of the living room and structure The safety factor has been greatly reduced, and even wall fractures have caused the danger of collapse at any time.

Misunderstanding 3: The use of chemical materials only cares about beauty, regardless of ventilation

Nowadays, a wide variety of house decoration materials, such as plastic flooring, fiber carpets, plastic foam wallpaper, indoor paint, etc., are almost all made of chemical raw materials, they will continue to emit toxic gases into the air. If you just decorate the room, if you do not pay attention to ventilation windows, people live in it is easy to poison.

Misunderstanding 4: Change the use of the balcony only to be closed, regardless of "load"

From the aspect of architectural design, the setting weights of the balconies have specific requirements. Generally, they cannot be diverted for other purposes. It is very dangerous to randomly close the balconies and the hidden dangers are constantly present. Because the common room is usually designed according to the secondary load, and the balcony is generally a pipe support or a hanging wall structure, the force is far less than indoor. The closed balcony will have to bear additional weight. If the balcony's payload is exceeded, it may break the beam and it will collapse at any time.

Decoration errors

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