Counting Common Wallpaper Mistakes Who Says It Has Short Lifespan

Wallpaper as a home decoration "frequent passenger", after so many years of replacement, performance and other aspects have been continuously improved. The wallpaper is not only easy to put on and has a variety of colors, it can meet a variety of needs, but it is often misunderstood by everyone. Here's a quick look at common wallpaper misunderstandings .

Misunderstanding wallpaper 1, wallpaper is not environmentally friendly

Wallpaper is not a one-sided view of environmental protection, current wallpaper from the current production and process point of view, domestic low-end wallpaper may contain a small amount of harmful substances; but most imported wallpaper does not contain lead, benzene and other harmful substances, and from the application point of view From a point of view, the more advanced countries are demanding more environmental protection, and the wallpapers of developed countries are much more demanding and used than our country.


Misunderstanding wallpaper 2, wallpaper material is the same

Wallpapers can be divided into paper wallpapers, natural material wallpapers, plastic wallpapers, plastic surface wallpapers, cloth wallpapers, wood surface wallpapers, metal wallpapers, diatomaceous earth wallpapers and many other types. The environmental protection and performance of different materials are very different, and the suitable space and style are also different.


Wallpaper misunderstanding 3, wallpaper life is too short

A few years after the use of latex paint, it is prone to flaking, discoloration, dirty, difficult to clean, and the color is also single. The use of new materials makes the life of the wallpaper as long as 5 to 7 years. Of course, tenants can also choose to change the wallpaper according to the room Feng Shui, creating a different home style and atmosphere. The new wallpaper is also very easy to take care of, dirty, wipe with a damp cloth, the color will not change.


Misunderstanding wallpaper 4, wallpaper easily fall off

It is not the problem of the wallpaper itself, but the pasting process does not meet the requirements, and now some brand wallpaper manufacturers often have a well-trained professional construction team to provide perfect after-sales service for wallpaper paving.


Wallpaper Misunderstanding 5, High Wallpaper Price

In wallpaper, the price of imported wallpaper is higher than that of domestic wallpaper. The price of natural material wallpaper is higher than that of ordinary wallpaper. The price of big brand wallpaper is higher than that of brand wallpaper. But no matter which brand manufacturer, they will consider the purchasing power of the consumer groups targeted by their products. Moreover, the effect that the wallpaper can embody and create is that other decorative materials (such as paints) are far from comparable and are worthy of choice.

The above is about the misunderstanding of the wallpaper. I hope to help you. If you want to learn more wallpaper knowledge, please pay attention to this website decoration information channel.


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