[comprehensive] What should not be done when using a high-pressure air inflator

A high-pressure air inflator is a device that fills air cylinders with compressed air. Mainly used in fire, mining, petroleum, chemical and other industries. In the use of high-pressure air inflators there will be some failures, there are many things caused by improper operation, many customers want to Xiao Bian asked how to avoid the malfunction caused by improper operation? In fact, it is very easy to avoid the malfunction caused by improper operation, that is, the requirements of the installation instructions, can not do the instructions do not allow the above things. Below and Xiaobian together to understand what should not be done when using high-pressure air inflator

1, can not exceed the allowable pressure level of the container. For example, the maximum pressure of a high-pressure air inflator is 30 Mpa. If this value is checked, the air inflator will be damaged. If it is operated for a long time, it will cause a failure.

2. It is necessary to do maintenance work on the filtration system of the high-pressure air inflator. The filtration system filters out impurities in the air, which is the air that becomes clean and can be breathed by people. So be sure to maintain the filtration system of the high-pressure air inflator.

3, to avoid serious air pollution into the inlet of the air pump, if the corrosive air pollution, then it will pose a threat to the safety of high-pressure air inflator.

Hai Gu Xiao Bian reminded everyone to check before the work of high-pressure air pump, to determine the correct direction of rotation of the motor, check the temperature of the lubricant, the use of the environment, the temperature of the air pump environment should not exceed 45 °C. Every 7-10 minutes, the air inflator should be drained. When using a high-pressure air inflator, check it occasionally. In order to avoid failure of the high pressure air compressor.

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