China Plastics Network talks about the use and advantages of foam boxes

Jiuzhi Plastics News: The foam box is a box-type packaging container made of foamed plastic (porous plastic). The plastic foam is a plastic with many tiny pores inside. The foam box is a relatively wide-ranging packaging product currently used. The foam board of the foam box---also known as polystyrene foam board is mainly used for building wall, roof insulation, composite board insulation, air conditioning, vehicle and ship insulation. Insulation, floor heating, decorative engraving, etc. are very versatile.

China Plastics Network talks about the use and advantages of foam boxes
Advantages of the foam box: 1 The foam box is light 2. The cost is low 3. The square of the foam box is more regular and beautiful. 4. Make full use of the terrace space compared to the round flower pot. 5, mobile is convenient. Most foam boxes do not have a drain hole, so open the drain hole on the bottom side before growing vegetables.

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