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The autumn weather makes Changsha sweep the hot and humid summer, and the face is dry and cool. At this time, not only the skin of the human body needs to start to maintain the hydration, but also the home needs to enter the maintenance season, but the special climate of each season is There are different requirements for home maintenance. For the home maintenance in the fall, there are five points to note: First, avoid direct sunlight from the home. Although it is not as hot as summer, but dry autumn and direct sunlight, the home is prone to appear. The phenomenon of bursting. Citizens and friends can use some thick curtains to shade the sun in a place with strong sunlight. Second, strengthen the indoor humidity The skin is lack of water in addition to external application, the home is also lack of water, we can increase the humidity of the home air through some green plants or humidifiers, thus affecting the humidity of the home. Wood furniture is most prone to cracks in dry conditions in the fall. Apply a layer of essential oil to the furniture to achieve the effect of nourishing the interior of the home. Third, to avoid too humid home, in addition to to enhance the humidity of the furniture, while the citizens should also pay attention to avoid the home is too humid, especially for users with low residential floors. Therefore, in the autumn, the home should be protected from moisture, and the home should be dehumidified in a ventilated place. Fourth, the frequent cleaning and dust removal and dry weather is easy to produce a lot of dust, the autumn wind will hang the dust to all corners of the home. In this case, it is necessary to clean frequently to prevent the accumulation of dust for a long time and to make the bright home tarnish. Asthma, allergic rhinitis and other high-risk symptoms in autumn are often caused by dust mites in the living room, while dust mites mainly breed in the ground, sofas, bedding, cushions, mattresses and pillows, so you need to clean and dust frequently. When the weather is fine. Take detachable cushions, cushions, etc. into the sun to eliminate moisture and kill mold. 5, to avoid scratches in the home when cleaning home hygiene, should avoid scratching all kinds of homes, if there are scratches, etc., the simpler method is to use cotton balls or brushes, paint the surface of the furniture with similar color To remove water stains, use clean absorbent paper on the water stains, press on the heated iron, or apply with salad oil and toothpaste, then wipe the furniture clean and wax.

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