Cement mortar spraying machine technical advantages and operating precautions

The cement mortar spraying machine has advanced technology and simple operation. It is a mechanical mixing, pumping and spraying high-quality cement mortar. Cement mortar spraying machine is widely used in indoor and outdoor wall spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting and waterproof surface spraying, fire spraying, thermal insulation material spraying, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying, garden spraying, embossing effect coating spraying rockery spraying , sound-absorbing material spraying, bridges, dams, slopes, basements, tunnels, housing and other construction projects. Henan Hao Li spraying machine manufacturers introduce the technical advantages of cement mortar spraying machine and operating precautions.
The technical advantages of the cement mortar spraying machine 1. The spraying quality is good and there will be no emptying or cracks.
2, easy to use and operate the equipment, spraying speed.
3, wall plastering paint adhesion is good, can be used directly after spraying, can save a lot of processes.
Cement Mortar Spraying Machine Operation Precautions Cement grout spraying machine can be used for concrete mixing and spraying work. When mixing concrete, attention should be paid to the mixing time and the order of feeding. When spraying, pay attention to the spraying distance, the speed of the spray gun, the overlap of the spray pattern, and the viscosity of the paint.
1. When using a large spray gun, the spraying distance should be 20 to 30 cm. When using a small spray gun, the spraying distance should be 15 to 25 cm. When the distance is too close, the spraying thickness is too thick.
2, spray gun to maintain the average speed, too slow to produce sag, too fast is easy to leak at the end.
3, for the spray pattern of lap joints need to accumulate experience in daily work, in order to spray the best results.
4, spray coating temperature should be controlled at 20-30 °C, otherwise it will affect the viscosity of the paint, thus affecting the spraying effect.

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