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Have you ever encountered a "transfer plan" when buying furniture? Can you tell if the furniture delivered to your home is consistent with the quality of the samples you see in the showroom? In the investigation, the author found that unscrupulous merchants often use high-quality furniture products to make samples to attract consumers to buy, and then they will look similar, but products with different materials and quality are sent to consumers' homes. Consumers can’t prevent this kind of tricks. Eat dumb loss.
Complaint: The sample and the actual goods do not match. Ms. Dong looked at a set of bedroom furniture at a small home store in Beijing. According to the salesperson, this set of furniture, including panels, frames, backboards, partitions, etc., is all solid wood veneers. The furniture handles are all imported from Germany, with a special price of 6,000 yuan. “The color, price and quality of the sample are my favorite. The salesperson promised that the product quality is consistent with the sample, so I decided to buy it immediately.” Ms. Dong, who is refreshing, paid the full payment and signed the purchase contract. Delivery to the door in the days.
However, what Ms. Dong did not expect was that the products that were waiting to be delivered to the door were quite different from the samples they saw. “The style and color look similar, but the back of the wardrobe, the partitions, the drawer bottom of the bedside table, etc., the color and the wood grain are very different from the panel, and the smell is quite pungent. I feel that something is wrong and I found a knowledgeable one. When a friend came to see it, he saw at a glance that the backboard material of the wardrobe was different from the wood used for the panel. The former used a MDF-processed MDF, and the latter was a particleboard and solid wood veneer, which was not a solid wood veneer at all. ”
What makes Ms. Dong even more angry is that after the knowledgeable friend identified all the hardware of the wardrobe is made in China, it is not a so-called German import. "If it wasn't for a friend who had done this before, just by me as an ordinary consumer, I can see that these are tricky," Ms. Dong said.
Investigation: The investigation of furniture goods is not common to the authors. It is found that such encounters as Ms. Dong are not a case. In the fields of floors, cabinets, wooden doors, etc., similar incidents have occurred. The sample looks good in quality. The actual product sent to the customer has replaced the imported sheet of the sample with the domestic plate, the imported hardware has been replaced with the domestic hardware, and even the method of cutting and reducing the material has been implemented. This has become a small brand in the home furnishing industry. Unspoken unspoken rules.
And some well-known brands that are very famous are also frequently listed on the quality "black list." For example, in recent days, Zhejiang Consumer Protection Committee sampled 12 brands including Federal Furniture, Giant Sang, Levi, Shandong Jimeile, Salome, and Huaye in Hangzhou. No piece of furniture is all solid wood. Among the 118 kinds of ceramic toilet products recently sampled by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, 26 kinds of products such as Guanzhu Ceramics did not meet the relevant standards. In December 2010, the China Consumers Association conducted a comparative test on 21 wooden doors. The quality of brands such as Yiyuan, Beijing Spring Mumen, Boyi Chuangzhan and Longjia was unqualified. On January 6, 2010, the results of the furniture inspection published by the National Quality Inspection Network showed that the well-known brand of Mingzhu Furniture, the colorful life furniture known as the “first brand of global youth children's furniture” was identified as a substandard product. The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee announced the results of 16 comparison tests on cots. Five brands including Colorful Life, Ximengbao and Goodbaby failed to meet the standards. Guangdong Fuzhidao Furniture and Hualun Shijia Furniture were also found to be unqualified in the sampling inspection by the State Administration of Quality Supervision.
Some insiders have revealed to the author that these well-known brands frequently fail to pass the product inspection because the products they send to the quality inspection department are often strictly checked and the quality is high, which has won a series of affirmations. The products on the market are greatly reduced in quality. It is precisely because of the negligence of quality in the production process, it is very likely that it will fall off during the sampling.
In the field of wooden doors, the phenomenon that products are transferred is more common.
For example, the solid wood composite door with a price of 3,000 yuan/樘, the content consumer has no way of knowing that the door covered by the two-sided veneer may be solid wood or MDF; the entire door may be filled with wood, or it may be Only a few wooden squares were added around the door frame, and even pieces of wood or even straw were filled. “Whether the sample that the consumer sees is the same as the material used to actually deliver the product, only the door can be opened to find out, but which consumer will do this?” a wooden door dealer told the author.
Analysis: It’s all about the evils of interest. Why do some companies have to take risks and implement the package adjustment? In fact, it is a disaster. According to the author's understanding, for example, the price of imported plates and domestic plates is more than 20%, and the price difference between domestic brands and miscellaneous plates is more than 20%. Use imported plate to make samples, use domestic plate to adjust the package when delivery, or use domestic brand plate to make samples, and use the brand plate to adjust the package when delivering, the profit is quite amazing.
More importantly, consumers have little ability to identify the merchant's package behavior. Taking panel furniture as an example, plates of different environmental protection grades must be identified by professional institutions. What consumers see is nothing more than surface phenomena such as color, gloss and flatness, while domestic and imported plates, brand plates and brand plates are These aspects can be done exactly the same. If the manufacturer does the hand and foot on the hardware of the furniture, it is not easy to be noticed. The appearance of the hardware looks smooth, and there is absolutely no problem in the short term. If the problem is long, if there is a problem, the consumer will have nothing. It feels.
In addition, even if consumers find that the goods are not right, it is more difficult to defend their rights according to law. Although many home markets are currently promised to return without reason, it seems to give consumers sufficient protection, but when businesses are not willing to return, this often becomes empty talk. When asked to return, the first reaction of the merchant is almost identical: "We have never made such a commitment at the time of sale." Merchants often require consumers to do destructive testing to prove that the manufacturer's products are environmentally friendly or The quality is unqualified, and some also indicate that there is no reason to return the sample, discounted products, etc.

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